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A Flash of Horror by Karina Kantas

Description A Flash Of Horror is a collection of short and flash fiction from my two collections Heads & Tales and Undressed. 12 chilling and though-provoking tales that will stay with you for nights to come. Are you ready to delve into the dark side? Amazon UK Karen's Magic ReviewI've always said I am not… Continue reading A Flash of Horror by Karina Kantas

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Ghostly Romance

DESCRIPTION Have you lost a loved one? Do you see or hear them? This anthology gives you a selection of short stories plus two poems about the ghosts who can't move on, be it due to love or hate. From the Highlands of Scotland to Wales, England, the USA & Canada, you will find something… Continue reading Ghostly Romance


A Glutton For Punishment by Michael J. Elliott

Genre: Horror Description The time: Not long from now The place: Close to where you live. In a world where health and medical costs have skyrocketed due to obesity and related illnesses, an authoritarian government takes drastic measures. The overweight have their food purchases strictly monitored. They are provided with a Cal-Card which must be… Continue reading A Glutton For Punishment by Michael J. Elliott

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Who are Electric Eclectic Books?

Who are Electric Eclectic?They are a brand of books offering something a little different. They are novelettes featuring many different authors and genres. Most books are one price £1/$1/€1.Put Electric Eclectic Books in Amazon, Goodreads, or Google, or any search engine, and you will find them. Best place is to visit the website.Electric Eclectic's BlogAll… Continue reading Who are Electric Eclectic Books?

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Portraits of Dread by Michael J. Elliott

This is on my to read pile and I think that after reading this review, I should bump it up! Sunshine Somerville This collection is brilliant.  And I’m not British, so I feel the need to point out I actually mean brilliant.  Almost every single one of these stories starts out in a completely familiar,… Continue reading Portraits of Dread by Michael J. Elliott

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Joanna by DM Wolfenden

Genre: Short StoryDescription Well, hello, Sugar, my name is Joanna…That’s the introduction that all my victims get. It’s nice to be polite.Even serial killers have manners.I know what I do isn’t normal, but I also know that I do the country a service.And the world is better off with me in it. You’ll understand.See, I… Continue reading Joanna by DM Wolfenden

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The Next Four Reads

Follow me on Instagram 
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Follow me on FacebookMy to-read list always gets bigger and I tend to swap it about. So today I thought I about what I was doing and put them in order, although I think there is a fifth one but, I don't want to overwhelm myself. And… Continue reading The Next Four Reads

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Ghostly Writes 2018

Ghostly Writes anthology is about to be launched!All eBooks are free to download and this year's is now available on pre-order.. As with each one, the stories are better and creepier than ever. Just put Ghostly Writes Anthology in the Amazon search bar! To read more about the stories, follow this link Here is a… Continue reading Ghostly Writes 2018


Final Harvest by Michael J Elliott

Genre: Horror Description Final Harvest is the story of a very ancient tree that was once revered and worshipped. Legend says that it could grant your most fervent wish, provided, it is feed regularly with human offerings. Charlie Figgins lives on the farm where the tree is situated. He has one wish above all others.… Continue reading Final Harvest by Michael J Elliott

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Weekend Books

Electric Eclectic books are novellas especially for those who love to read but don’t have a lot of time. Lots of genres and lots of authors to choose from. EE books offer you something different and a horror book is being launched this month. Come and join us Electric Eclectic Facebook Group!