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Books Published on December 5th Who knew life could change so drastically from one heartbeat to the next. One second, you're full of wonderous joy, the next ... The holidays are a festive time. For Tina and her family, Christmas is the most magical of all. The tastes, smells, laughter - even the complaints are a part of the… Continue reading Books Published on December 5th

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Festive Blog Hop 2022

Welcome to Santa’s Treasure Hunt blog Hop. All you have to do, is follow Santa’s sleigh as he travels around the world. Below is a list of stops where you can win a bundle of books. Visit each one and write down the Christmas word given at the bottom of each. Leave a comment on… Continue reading Festive Blog Hop 2022

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My Review of Kiss & Tell by Julia Blake

Karen’s Review This is the fifth book in the series, and they are all standalone. Kiss and Tell is the penultimate one, and I’d accidentally skipped it after I’d read sixth. Each character in this family has their own story. This one belonged to Isabella Santorini. She never forgot Nick Eastman and their teenager romance.… Continue reading My Review of Kiss & Tell by Julia Blake

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My Review of Ghost Mark by JP McLean

Karen’s Review I was looking forward to reading this second book of a new series by JP McLean. It wasn’t quite what I expected. It was even better! The friendship between Jane, the main character, and Sadie was realistic. Best friends argue, but their love and respect for each other always shines through. The two… Continue reading My Review of Ghost Mark by JP McLean

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National Make a Dog’s Day

When I saw this, I must have had my artist hat on for I read it as Make a Dog Day, and I have drawn a dog and stitched a dog , so that’s technically making a dog! Crochet Sausage Dog , Cross Stitch, Jack Russell However, when I read it again, I saw it… Continue reading National Make a Dog’s Day

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My Review of Stowe Away by Mark Leslie

Karen’s Review This is the second in the series, although it felt more like a prequel. It is billed as book 2, an explanation at the back describes it as book 1.5. The next book is Fear and Longing in Los Angeles, which I will be reading next. Stowe Away is a small novella, and… Continue reading My Review of Stowe Away by Mark Leslie

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#MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold

#MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold appeared first on J.M. NORTHUP. #MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold Seb is a police detective and the brother of Cassidy Newbold. She often helps him solve crimes as happened in the case of a missing woman in The Killer on the Heath. With Cassie being the main character, we learn a lot about her… Continue reading #MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold

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A Review of A Scream in the Night by Andrew Hess

Karen’s Review I read one of Andrew Hess’s earlier books a few years ago and really enjoyed it. He also featured on my About a Book series. You’ll find links to both below. In this story, Serena is a television reporter who is sent on assignments when news breaks to report live from the scene.… Continue reading A Review of A Scream in the Night by Andrew Hess

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June’s Reading List

I have say how much I enjoy planning my reading list. It’s something I’ve never done before. I used to pick random books from my kindle, or download one I saw advertised, then forget what’s on my kindle. I do occasionally add books, and if I run out of time, will move a book to… Continue reading June’s Reading List

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An Evening With Author Conrad Jones

Conrad Jones is a best selling’ author who has written at least four box sets and numerous thrillers and has even branched out into children’s books. He has thousands of book reviews and millions of fans from all over the world. I was lucky enough to see him in person, and listen to a talk… Continue reading An Evening With Author Conrad Jones