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My Review of Kiss & Tell by Julia Blake

Karen’s Review This is the fifth book in the series, and they are all standalone. Kiss and Tell is the penultimate one, and I’d accidentally skipped it after I’d read sixth. Each character in this family has their own story. This one belonged to Isabella Santorini. She never forgot Nick Eastman and their teenager romance.… Continue reading My Review of Kiss & Tell by Julia Blake

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One Christmas, An Anglesey Story

From awarding winning author Karen J Mossman, comes a heart-warming Christmas tale. Tina tells the story of what happened one Christmas time. Who knew life could change so drastically from one heartbeat to the next. One second, you're full of wonderous joy, the next ... The holidays are a festive time. For Tina and her… Continue reading One Christmas, An Anglesey Story

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November Reads

These is my planned reading list for the month of November. They are all part of a series except Beyond Connections which is a short story Collection. Kiss and Tell completes the series, but it isn’t the last book. I realised I’d missed one out so it’s a good job they are all standalone. Ghost… Continue reading November Reads

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My Review of The Story of Son by J R Ward

Karen’s Review I found this on Theresa Hulongbayan’s book blog. It simply said: A beautiful lawyer, finds a mystery in the home of an old client of her father. She changes her life with a choice to follow a love. The voice of audio book adds darkness to the story. That was all it took… Continue reading My Review of The Story of Son by J R Ward

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My Review of Signal Moon by Kate Quinn

Karen’s Review I came across a review of Signal Moon on prolific reader, Julie Northup’s blog. You can read it below. It appealed to me and sounded like something I would enjoy. This short story runs to just over fifty pages long and tells of Lily and Matt. The later lives in 2023 and Lily,… Continue reading My Review of Signal Moon by Kate Quinn

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My Review of The Highland Dancer

Karen’s Review Having done a feature on this book, I was intrigued enough to read it. I’d always like highland dancing, but didn’t know much about how you learn. Chantal Bellehumeur’s book was delight. Not only did it tell me about what it takes to become a dancer, we also went on a tour with… Continue reading My Review of The Highland Dancer

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October’s Reading List

Here are the books I intend to read this month. Stow Away is book two of a series, which I’ll complete over the coming months. Kiss and Tell is book four of a series. I’ve read them all, including book five, before I realised I’d missed one. Signal Moon and The Story of Son are… Continue reading October’s Reading List

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My Review of Rambling Rose

Karen’s Review This is the third book in a trilogy. The first Becoming Lili, the second is Chasing Daisy. The books are about a group of friends and this one tells the story of Rose. Because it was a while since I read the previous ones, I struggled with remembering who everybody is because there… Continue reading My Review of Rambling Rose

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….. Speaking of doo doos, we have cows…..

This is the authors’s second book and I read the first, If Only You Knew, which I loved. This one is on my reading pile, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share this review with you. I might have to move it up my list! Is it Jack or is it Josh? Or is… Continue reading ….. Speaking of doo doos, we have cows…..

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Books Read in September

It looks like a bumper month, but the End of Days series were novellas, therefore quicker to read. Both the other books are from series. Rambling Rose completes The Perennial Trilogy and A Canadian Werewolf in New York is the first of a series. Best book? The End of Days series and I still have… Continue reading Books Read in September