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Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023

At the end of 2021, I had made my decision to remove and rewrite all of my books. As there were fourteen of them, I knew it would be a big task. One Christmas came out in December, it dealt with bereavement, and learning to live and love again. Copies flew off the shelf and… Continue reading Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023

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Festive Blog Hop 2022

Welcome to Santa’s Treasure Hunt blog Hop. All you have to do, is follow Santa’s sleigh as he travels around the world. Below is a list of stops where you can win a bundle of books. Visit each one and write down the Christmas word given at the bottom of each. Leave a comment on… Continue reading Festive Blog Hop 2022

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We survived Halloween!

Listening to the radio this morning they were again talking about dressing up and parties. Every year it seems to get bigger. As a child, we didn’t celebrate it and neither did anyone else. Although my husband said he would go to his aunties and she would play dunking apples with them. My children didn’t… Continue reading We survived Halloween!

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Halloween Stories

Growing up, I hated Halloween. I didn’t and still don’t like horror. But over the years, I’ve found I enjoy reading a spooky short story. I also like writing them. So in celebration I thought I would share the anthologies I’ve been a part of. The last one is a youth anthology, I don’t have… Continue reading Halloween Stories

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Bookfest 2022 Fall Award Winners Are … — Norns Triad Publications

We, at Norns, are so proud and excited to announce that two of our books won 3rd place in their genres at the Bookfest Fall 2022 Awards Contest.  The Killer on the Heath took 3rd place in Fiction > Thriller – Supernatural.  Well done, Karen!  A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only… Bookfest… Continue reading Bookfest 2022 Fall Award Winners Are … — Norns Triad Publications

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The Killer on the Heath has Won an Award!

I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that The Killer on the Heath won 3rd place in the Bookfest 2022 Fall Awards. This is the first book in a three book series. The two will be available soon. Description A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her… Continue reading The Killer on the Heath has Won an Award!

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My Review of Stowe Away by Mark Leslie

Karen’s Review This is the second in the series, although it felt more like a prequel. It is billed as book 2, an explanation at the back describes it as book 1.5. The next book is Fear and Longing in Los Angeles, which I will be reading next. Stowe Away is a small novella, and… Continue reading My Review of Stowe Away by Mark Leslie

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The Séance, A Halloween Story 

My name is Cassidy Newbold and I’m a clairvoyant. I just want to say how much I hate Halloween. Yes, you heard it right. I hate Halloween.  On All Hallows Eve, many people invite spirits over from the other side. The veil between the two worlds is thinner on this night. Many clairvoyants revel in… Continue reading The Séance, A Halloween Story 

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#MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold

#MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold appeared first on J.M. NORTHUP. #MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold Seb is a police detective and the brother of Cassidy Newbold. She often helps him solve crimes as happened in the case of a missing woman in The Killer on the Heath. With Cassie being the main character, we learn a lot about her… Continue reading #MeetMyCharacter: Seb Newbold