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Maybe That Isn’t Her

Experience Chrissy Moon’s lifelong emotional healing journey in poetry format. Beginning with a few poems illustrating the shock of mistreatment done to a young person, we see the next stage of her journey as a naïve, impulsive young woman who desperately wanted love to be the answer to her problems. When poorly-planned love fails to… Continue reading Maybe That Isn’t Her

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Newsletters, a Great Commodity for Readers

A lot of authors have newsletters these days, and they are a great way to get to know your favourite writer. I generally join them from Facebook pages, or a link in a book I’ve enjoyed. Recently I entered a giveaway and had to join a host of authors newsletters. Probably too many, especially when… Continue reading Newsletters, a Great Commodity for Readers

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Ye-Ha, Howdy Folks

I grew up on westerns. They were mainly men’s story with a love interest. Although I still like them, I rarely watch or read them now. Loving Eliza was not a book I found in the conventional way. Ruth Ann Nordin is a WordPress author. If you are a WordPress member you have access to… Continue reading Ye-Ha, Howdy Folks

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Join Us Here

The future is looking bright at Norns as we expand our list of authors. This means lots of new books will be published under our banner this year. We also bring readers so much more on our website. We are bloggers and passionate readers, too. Our blog brings: interesting articles celebrating the days of the… Continue reading Join Us Here

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Ebooks, Paperbacks, Retailers, and The Library

I was given a paperback of A Cuckoo Calling by Robert Galbraith and recently reviewed it. Although I persevered, the book was too heavy and uncomfortable to hold, and of course, I couldn’t read it in the dark. It confirmed how much I prefer ebooks and ended up buying a copy from Amazon. At £5.49,… Continue reading Ebooks, Paperbacks, Retailers, and The Library

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2022 Best Book of the Year

In 2021, I read fifty two books. This year it’s over seventy. I’ve read a good mixture of genres from crime to fantasy, from apocalyptic to romance, science fiction, to young adult and even horror. I’ve read one anthology, one story collection, and one non-fiction. Nine, from different series and two cosy mysteries. Several from… Continue reading 2022 Best Book of the Year

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Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023

At the end of 2021, I had made my decision to remove and rewrite all of my books. As there were fourteen of them, I knew it would be a big task. One Christmas came out in December, it dealt with bereavement, and learning to live and love again. Copies flew off the shelf and… Continue reading Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023