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A Scream in the Night by Andrew Hess

Karen’s Review I read one of Andrew Hess’s earlier books a few years ago and really enjoyed it. He also featured on my About a Book series. You’ll find links to both below. In this story, Serena is a television reporter who is sent on assignments when news breaks to report live from the scene.… Continue reading A Scream in the Night by Andrew Hess

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Play the Game is Coming Soon

The idea for this came in early 2018. The characters were already fully formed including the secrets they kept from one another. Stella, the main character tells the story, and she works in a call centre, a job she hates. I worked for the RAC taking motor claims at the time, and this is where… Continue reading Play the Game is Coming Soon

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Books Read in May

Enjoyable books all month, not a bad one in sight. Favourite? Catalyst. Infected Water, a Zombie story and the first of a series. I’ll probably read the next book at some point. Catalyst, a mafia romance, which I absolutely loved. Battle of the Heart, a good little anthology with some excellent stories and authors. Infinity,… Continue reading Books Read in May

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Books I read in April.

Five books completed for April. Two, I didn’t particularly enjoy. Trust in Me, came from the authors newsletter. A good story, although it had its flaws. The Tattoo Murder, if I hadn’t have been asked to read it, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. Goldilocks and the Bear is from a series I’m reading. Love,… Continue reading Books I read in April.

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Love, Life and Regret by Danielle Jacks

A heart-warming story! Karen’s Magic Review I picked this up in the author’s newsletter. They are a great way to find good books, not to mention often free. Wanting something light and easy to read, this story fitted the bill perfectly. Freddie and Kristie are the two main characters, and are husband and wife who… Continue reading Love, Life and Regret by Danielle Jacks

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Trust in Me by Sienna Carter

Karen’s Magic Review - A Hot and Sizzling Read! I picked up Trust in Me from one of the many newsletters I receive. It was a free book from a reputable download site. The description and cover appealed to me as I enjoy a romance. This is a new author to me, I haven’t come… Continue reading Trust in Me by Sienna Carter

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March Reading List

What a treat March has been with my chosen books. It was a month of series. I mixed it up so as not to read one after the other, plus one new author and one old friend. Courageous Fairy Tales, I found because the author also chose to publish each of the heroine’s adventures as… Continue reading March Reading List

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Doublemint Gumshoe by Philip T Stephens

Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Description When a galactically inept inspector tackles the world's most illusive AI, prepare for apocalypse. Determined to find missing programmer Alyson Sweetcheeks, Detective Bob unleashes a war between a tech conglomerate, a covert cyber gang, the mob, and a malevolent time-travelling intelligence bent on world domination. Will Bob beat astronomical… Continue reading Doublemint Gumshoe by Philip T Stephens

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March Reading List

So here is my Reading List for this month. I’ve already read Rebirth and partway through Heroine Fairy Tales. The Fairytales book came for a short story I read last month. I liked it and wanted to read the full series that came in one book. Very good so far. Fourth Quadrant is a fairly… Continue reading March Reading List

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February Reading List

It was an excellent month for books. I had the honour of reading through these great stories. My favourite book from my February reading list is Salvation. The concept was great and the writing magical. I don’t think I’ve read a story with so many characters, but it wasn’t a problem as we got to… Continue reading February Reading List