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My Review of Grip of Fear by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review Another cracking read from this new to me author. I loved the Murder and Mayhem series, and this one was on my list. However, as soon as I saw the book trailer I had read it next. Cassie and Isaac are strangers, they come together to walk the highways to the same destination.… Continue reading My Review of Grip of Fear by Sam J Fires

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My Review of The Beautiful Ones by Julia Sutton

Karen’s Book Review The Beautiful Ones came out in May ‘22 and I saw it on Instagram. The description stuck in my mind. I knew it would be a good read because I’ve read a previous book by Julia Sutton. Review of Cocktails, Wedding Bells, and Summer Madness This one dealt with mental illness, and… Continue reading My Review of The Beautiful Ones by Julia Sutton

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Infected Water by Alathia Morgan

An Exciting Adventure on the High Seas Karen’s Review It’s been a long while since I read a Zombie book, and this was in the authors newsletter. It’s the first of a series, which is always exciting. It is set in 1912 as the Titanic makes her fateful maiden voyage. There are several main characters,… Continue reading Infected Water by Alathia Morgan

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First Touch by Teyla Branton

Karen’s Magic Review There is a good reason this novella has over six hundred ratings on Amazon. It a terrific story. Imprint is what the strangely named heroine Autumn Rain reads. By placing her hand on an item she can pick up the thoughts of whoever touched it. It’s an interesting basis for a story.… Continue reading First Touch by Teyla Branton

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Best Book of the Year

I’ve had the honour of reading fifty-three books in 2021. Truly a record for me. Now I have to decide the most enjoyable one of the year, and what comes a close second and third There are some stand-out stories, and some I’ve not liked as much. There are long books and short ones, exciting,… Continue reading Best Book of the Year

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Dare you go down to the Basement?

I’ve never been a horror lover, and have known about this book for a while. When it came on offer, I couldn’t resist downloading it. At a hundred pages long, it was worth taking a chance. Even if it was too horrific, silly, or gory, I could at least say I had read it. Surprisingly,… Continue reading Dare you go down to the Basement?

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About a Book – Undercover, Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon

Introducing Jane Risdon WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? I’ve been writing short stories for many years, and I’ve written approximately 100 to date. Many have appeared in various anthologies. It occurred to me that I should create my own collection of short stories under one cover. Give a quote from… Continue reading About a Book – Undercover, Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon

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Never, Never by Liz Butcher

Karen's Magic Review I downloaded this book without reading the description. I know. I should have read it first and can't remember why I did now. So each page I turned was a surprise. What I didn't expect was that the genre was a bit of everything, scifi/fantasy, horror, romance, urban, detective and a crime… Continue reading Never, Never by Liz Butcher

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By Lauri Schoenfeld Published by Twisted Whisperings  This title is available through all retail booksellers Releasing August 31, 2021 Adaline and Cache Rushner are falling apart. Their daughters are missing, presumed dead. Their marriage is crumbling. Their attempt at starting over in a new city is failing. Adaline is sure their daughters are alive somehow,… Continue reading LITTLE OWL

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Circle of Betrayal, the review

Karen's Magic Review I read and reviewed two previous books by this author, and she has followed on with another really great book cover. I liken book covers to perusing paintings in an art gallery. Except they have the added excitement of looking inside to experience the story your imagination has just conjured up. That… Continue reading Circle of Betrayal, the review