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2022 Best Book of the Year

In 2021, I read fifty two books. This year it’s over seventy. I’ve read a good mixture of genres from crime to fantasy, from apocalyptic to romance, science fiction, to young adult and even horror. I’ve read one anthology, one story collection, and one non-fiction. Nine, from different series and two cosy mysteries. Several from… Continue reading 2022 Best Book of the Year

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One Book, Two Reviews

This year we at Norns Triad Publications have read the same books. We, are Julie Northup, Sahara Foley and me. We all love to read, and occasionally we read the same book. It’s fun to read different interpretations of the same book. So here are a some. Karen’s Review Julie’s Review Karen Review Julie’s Review… Continue reading One Book, Two Reviews

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Cocktails,Wedding Bells and Summer Madness by Julia Sutton

Easy to Read, Summer Fun with a Great Storyline Karen’Review This is the first book I’ve read by Julia Sutton and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s an ideal summer read and it tells the story of Rose, who thinks of herself as boring because she doesn't want what other girls want. I’m… Continue reading Cocktails,Wedding Bells and Summer Madness by Julia Sutton