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January is National Soup Month

I love soup and my favourite is Hienz Chicken soup. Served with a hot roll it’s a lunchtime favourite at the time of year. January is National Soup Month, which is not the same as February 4th’s observance. That is National Homemade Soup Day. Of course, both celebrate … January is National Soup Month


Poem: Another Day Like This by Chantelle Atkins

I like poetry and generally prefer those that rhyme. This doesn’t, but something about the story and rhythm appealed to me. Another day like this Comfort in favourite t-shirt The one with the stars on it And daughter’s old hoodie, the big blue one And jeans that need a … Poem: Another Day Like This

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Book Review | The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne

This is probably one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. Can true love really be found when a mysterious pirate kidnaps you after crashing into your wedding to steal you from the alter and murdering your … Book Review | The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne