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Release Day that went wrong…

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when an author I’d seen around, but never read, was going live. I clicked to see what it was about. She was in the process of waiting for another author to connect with her. They were Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sanford. The latter, I hadn’t… Continue reading Release Day that went wrong…

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The Simple Joys of Journaling: Journaling For Writers

I love to journal, although it often happens on my head, and stays there, but I do occasionally produce something. But as the writer in the article below says, most of us already keep some sort of journal. I keep a five year diary and have done for the last twenty-years. I’ve also discovered junk… Continue reading The Simple Joys of Journaling: Journaling For Writers


#WhatNornsReads – April 2023

Book Reviews From Our Book Club — Norns Triad Publications I love being part of a book club like this and thoroughly enjoy reading what they thought of the stories they read. Theresa read J. P. McClean's Wings of Prey. This is a series that I absolutely adored and it will go down as one… Continue reading #WhatNornsReads – April 2023


Support your favourite Authors

I found this blog post recently and it simply tells you how to support your favourite authors. I do all of this frequently, but there will be those who don’t know these simple steps.