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Book and Stories You May Want to Read

I receive a lot of author’s newsletter’s and find them interesting. Many attend book signing events, and others share writing updates. I’m able to see their works in progress, and information on their latest releases. Being an author for some, is a business, and it takes a lot to keep readers engaged. I share a… Continue reading Book and Stories You May Want to Read

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My Head Just Exploded

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos It happens now again, and this morning it showered me with words, sentences, and phrases. For the last few days, I’ve been thinking of what to write for a Halloween blog. I decided on a new short story/flash fiction. It came to me how there was only one person for… Continue reading My Head Just Exploded

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Today is #JustBecause Day

Click on image I love the sound of that. Today I have free licence to do anything I want ... just because. Yesterday we had friends around for curry night. Hubby cooked, we had delicious food and great banter. The day before we had my six-year old, very chatty granddaughter to stay. We had a… Continue reading Today is #JustBecause Day

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National Aviation Day

The first female aviator to fly single handed across the Atlantic ocean was Amelia Earhart. She was declared dead in January 1939 when she disappeared in 1937 after attempting to circumnavigate the globe. The Wright brothers were Orville and Wilber, and they invented and flew the first airplane in December 1903. To learn more about… Continue reading National Aviation Day

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Great Posts to Read

Each month Julie and I write a blog post from the National Calendar and present them on the Norns Triad blog. They are really great fun to write as we choose a subject, do some research, and write it up. These are the two for September, which then go into our newsletter Click on the… Continue reading Great Posts to Read

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National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day honours the beacons of light that have guarded our coastlines for hundreds of years. I’m very lucky to live on an island and we have several, each of them, bold and beautiful as they stand proud. Click on the image to find out more about this day. Our most spectacular one is called… Continue reading National Lighthouse Day