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Hot off the Press #5 May

News from Karen’s Writing Desk Each month's end, I send out my hot off-the-press news as if it were a newsletter. They are never complete without a few selected books from authors I’ve read and enjoyed. May has been incredibly busy with edits for Time Lines. My editor Julie, not only does the edit, but… Continue reading Hot off the Press #5 May

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How Many Lives Have You Lived?

Everyone says we have just one life that we should live to the full, and we should. Recently, I had a conversation about childhood. I used to be best friends with this person’s brother, and he also had a best friend that hung around with us,or maybe I hung around with them. Two boys, and… Continue reading How Many Lives Have You Lived?

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From Humble Beginnings

I like One Direction, I love watching Harry Styles particularly. Image from Wikipedia Image from Wikipedia The group came from humble beginnings. Each band member arrived at the X Factor Studio as individual singer. Simon Cowel put them together in a band. All that was back in 2010 and since then the group have honed… Continue reading From Humble Beginnings

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The Simple Joys of Journaling: Journaling For Writers

I love to journal, although it often happens on my head, and stays there, but I do occasionally produce something. But as the writer in the article below says, most of us already keep some sort of journal. I keep a five year diary and have done for the last twenty-years. I’ve also discovered junk… Continue reading The Simple Joys of Journaling: Journaling For Writers


Brown Bread in a Can!

I’m reading a book set in America and came across brown bread in a tin. What! Bread in tin? I had to look it up and it’s real. How interesting! For those of you confused, you can read about it here The book also mentioned Kool Aid. I remember coming across this when holidaying in… Continue reading Brown Bread in a Can!


Support your favourite Authors

I found this blog post recently and it simply tells you how to support your favourite authors. I do all of this frequently, but there will be those who don’t know these simple steps.