Out with the Old and In with the New

I've grown a lot since I first started this website and feel that now is the right time to change and rebrand myself. I will have a new logo, new banner, and all my Social Media Platforms will change to reflect the new brand with my name. I'm excited to reveal them to you, and… Continue reading Out with the Old and In with the New

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An Expensive Book!

I love cross stitching and attend a Craft Club near to where I live. There are about ten members and two subscribe to the Hatchette Partworks site where they have Disney charts. My fellow crafters showed me this book, which is only available to members, and I fell in love with the content. Beautiful clear… Continue reading An Expensive Book!

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Happy Easter!

In the UK, we enjoy a long weekend with Good Friday and Easter Monday being holidays. Years ago, when we worked full time we took off in our touring caravan with our children and their Easter eggs. The weather was often very cold. These days, especially if Easter falls later, it’s warmer. Anglesey where I… Continue reading Happy Easter!


Indie Mayhem

What do you get when the hosts and contestants are all indie creators, the questions don’t always make sense and the answers are usually wrong? Lots of laughs for everyone and total mayhem! Indie Mayhem is the new quiz show on YouTube as part of the content on the media platform Go Indie Now, owned and run by… Continue reading Indie Mayhem

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Tell A Fairy Tale Day

This is a post I did on the Norns Triad Publications blog. I went to read some of the books mentioned and reviewed them here. Many of us grew with fairy tales. I loved them; love the fact that some are dark, and many have those happy ever after endings we love. There is such…Tell… Continue reading Tell A Fairy Tale Day


Creative Romance Month — Norns Triad Publications

I wrote this piece for my sister site at Norns Triad Publications. How did you celebrate this month of romance? Young married couples often talk of Date Night. It’s a relatively new thing and we certainly didn’t have it when we were a young married couple. 30 more wordsCreative Romance Month — Norns Triad Publications

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Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life

One late afternoon, while quadding around the Eastern desert near the town of Safaga in Egypt, we were reminded it was February the 14th, Valentine’s day. At one point, as the sun was beginning its descent, we stopped to stretch our legs. While we were taking in the vista, our guide set a heart of… Continue reading Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life