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Secrets Taken to the Grave

In 1988, a pub landlord killed a twenty two year old woman. He was caught not long after and sentenced to life in prison. He died this month, and never revealed where he buried her body. You can read about it here. This made me think of my grandfather, whom we called ‘Papa’. He was… Continue reading Secrets Taken to the Grave

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What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts

Once upon a time we saw an angel, my late husband and I. A corny sort of beginning to a fairy tale, the start of every child’s story. But in our case, it is as true as I’m sitting here now. Neither of us were religious, much to the disappointment of my parents, but a… Continue reading What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts

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An Expensive Book!

I love cross stitching and attend a Craft Club near to where I live. There are about ten members and two subscribe to the Hatchette Partworks site where they have Disney charts. My fellow crafters showed me this book, which is only available to members, and I fell in love with the content. Beautiful clear… Continue reading An Expensive Book!

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Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life

One late afternoon, while quadding around the Eastern desert near the town of Safaga in Egypt, we were reminded it was February the 14th, Valentine’s day. At one point, as the sun was beginning its descent, we stopped to stretch our legs. While we were taking in the vista, our guide set a heart of… Continue reading Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life

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Hello February

I plan to be proactive as we move into a new month. Making a list is a good place to start. Books remain my passion and at the bottom you will see my reading list. I’ve just started Die for Love by Ellen Read. She is an Australian writer and I’ve read a couple of… Continue reading Hello February

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I’d Forgotten About That

For those that know me will hear that said frequently. For the last few months my memory has become worse. I wondered if it was an age thing. Now in my sixties age is a factor that has to be taken into consideration. I can’t do the same things as I did in my thirties… Continue reading I’d Forgotten About That

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Happy Birthday To My Girl

In Sept 2010, I lost my parents, and to help me get over the grief, my husband suggested we get a dog. He wasn’t a dog person, so this was a big thing. In early 2011 we picked up an eight year old Yorkshire terrier named Jodie. My husband adored her and soon she became… Continue reading Happy Birthday To My Girl

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Celebrating 70 years of WI

I belong to the Anglesey Federation of Women's Institue (AFWI) in Wales and in turn, is part of the National Federation of Women's Institutes. My branch is Trearddur Bay and in November 2021 we celebrated seventy years with a meal at The Anchorage Hotel, followed by a piece of cake, which was delicious and made… Continue reading Celebrating 70 years of WI

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Ding Doing, Avon Calling

It's been a great month for Avon, my third with the company. I am loving the products they offer as they are all of good value, attractive and sweet-smelling. You may even have seen adverts on the television recently too. As a result of that, I've had extra orders.For myself, I've ordered the beautiful Lavenda… Continue reading Ding Doing, Avon Calling

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Advent Calendars

I love them, but then again I love chocolate even though it is not really good for me. Occasionally, hubby will buy me one, but apart from that I haven't had one for a few years. This year is I shall, and courtesy of Avon. This one contains all these goodies: 25-piece festive silver plated… Continue reading Advent Calendars