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Can you draw? Well Yes, I can now.

I've always wanted to draw, particularly using a pencil. Sadly, I didn't possess any natural talent. Not like brother who was gifted. I took to writing instead, where I could paint my pictures with words. In 2020 during lockdown, I came across an article which said You don't have to be born an artist, you… Continue reading Can you draw? Well Yes, I can now.

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It’s going dark!

The last Saturday in October our clocks went back one hour. When I was younger it was always difficult to remember, but not anymore. Since we’ve all learnt that certain countries call the Autumn Fall, we can now align it with the seasons and thus making it easier to remember. Fall back and Spring forward… Continue reading It’s going dark!


Epitaph, a Poem for the Grave

I found this in my collection of old poetry. I wrote more than about twenty years ago. I’m much nearer now than I ever was then! Just because I have died,Doesn’t mean I am dead and gone.I take a lot of prideIn the things I have done.For I chronicled the familyKept a list of who… Continue reading Epitaph, a Poem for the Grave

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We survived Halloween!

Listening to the radio this morning they were again talking about dressing up and parties. Every year it seems to get bigger. As a child, we didn’t celebrate it and neither did anyone else. Although my husband said he would go to his aunties and she would play dunking apples with them. My children didn’t… Continue reading We survived Halloween!

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Have You Forgotten Anything?

Today is my mother’s birthday, albeit a heavenly one, as it has been for the last twelve years. It doesn’t stop me thinking of her and remembering how I would hightail across Manchester to spend the day with her. Mum and Dad had a second family. They adopted children who were only slightly younger than… Continue reading Have You Forgotten Anything?

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My Head Just Exploded

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos It happens now again, and this morning it showered me with words, sentences, and phrases. For the last few days, I’ve been thinking of what to write for a Halloween blog. I decided on a new short story/flash fiction. It came to me how there was only one person for… Continue reading My Head Just Exploded

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Today is #JustBecause Day

Click on image I love the sound of that. Today I have free licence to do anything I want ... just because. Yesterday we had friends around for curry night. Hubby cooked, we had delicious food and great banter. The day before we had my six-year old, very chatty granddaughter to stay. We had a… Continue reading Today is #JustBecause Day

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Great Posts to Read

Each month Julie and I write a blog post from the National Calendar and present them on the Norns Triad blog. They are really great fun to write as we choose a subject, do some research, and write it up. These are the two for September, which then go into our newsletter Click on the… Continue reading Great Posts to Read

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What Are You Up To?

My Saturday looks like this: Pitch an Pace - currently Kit, the main character, sits with her hands tied in a cave, and opposite her is a killer wearing a scream mask. Last night I watched a YouTube video about making your own emellismemts out of scraps. I’m a big crafter and that excites me.… Continue reading What Are You Up To?