Well, I didn’t see that coming!

When I was in my twenties we followed a band around. The guitarist, Eric, was a friend of my husbands’. They would practice in the room of a local amateur football club, and we’d go there to watch. Eric told me he’d written a song using my name. I was thrilled. Of all the songs… Continue reading Well, I didn’t see that coming!


Oh, That’s Right, I’m Busy!

This blog began over seven years ago when I simply posted reviews for every book I read. However, it was when I joined Norns Triad Publications that I learnt how to do it properly. These days it’s a mixture of book reviews and articles. So instead of having a conversation in my head, I write… Continue reading Oh, That’s Right, I’m Busy!

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Who Are they?

Recently, Darlene Foster shared some of her old family photographs. Despite not knowing any of them, I found them really interesting to look at. They captured a time from all our pasts where things were so different to what they are today. So on that note, I’m sharing some very old family photos that have… Continue reading Who Are they?


More Memories in Photographs

Isn’t this a great photo? I shared it from Darlene Foster’s blog where she shared family photos, that were really interesting to see. It made me think about the old and fascinating photographs I have in my possession, many with a little story attached to them. That will be a future post. Meanwhile, enjoy this.… Continue reading More Memories in Photographs


Ken Bruce, the Great Debate

I’m prompted to write this because of an article I read recently about the changes at Radio 2. Along with a great many others I, too will miss Ken Bruce. These days we hear more music on the station that sounds like Radio 1 - songs that are a cacophony of noise and screeches. I… Continue reading Ken Bruce, the Great Debate

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Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

I’ve always found true stories as fascinating as fictional ones. Sometimes even more so, simply because they are true. I’m sharing a little story that might only be interesting to me. I’m lucky that my husband buys me flowers every so often, and at the weekend he bought me these. But it is the vase… Continue reading Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

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Happy Mail

Many years ago my sister told me she watched a lot of YouTube, it was a place I never visited. These days I’m never off it. I’ve investigated and learnt about all sorts, from digital notebooks, drawing techniques and crafting. It was there that I discovered a love of paper craft, which encompasses so many… Continue reading Happy Mail

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Join Us Here

The future is looking bright at Norns as we expand our list of authors. This means lots of new books will be published under our banner this year. We also bring readers so much more on our website. We are bloggers and passionate readers, too. Our blog brings: interesting articles celebrating the days of the… Continue reading Join Us Here

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A Photographic Walk in Cemaes Bay

I live on the island of Anglesey and on New Year’s Day we, my husband and I, decided to go over to Cemaes Bay. It’s pronounced with a soft sounding K and e as in egg, with mice at the end. Information boards are a great way to find out more about the place you… Continue reading A Photographic Walk in Cemaes Bay


Natural People

Over the Christmas period I watched two programmes that I really enjoyed. The first one was the multi-talented Luke Evans who hosted his own show. If you don’t know him is is a Welsh singer and actor. He has a great voice and the show was entertaining. One of his guests was Leann Rimes. I… Continue reading Natural People