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The 4th Saturday in November is for Aura Awareness

Auras are something I’ve never thought about before. But used them in my book The Steps of a Killer. I found this an interesting read. “All cells in our body are vibrating at a very slow rate and giving off certain amounts of energy. And around our body there exists another lighter … The 4th… Continue reading The 4th Saturday in November is for Aura Awareness

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National Child’s Day

Clink image for more information Celebrate this day by recognising your child’s ambitions and goals in life. Some children know exactly what they want to be and aim in that direction. As a child, I had no ambitions and no clue as to what I wanted to do in life. It wasn’t the done thing… Continue reading National Child’s Day

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A Little Story for a Special Day by Adele Taylor Sandiford

This little badge and around 60,000 others very like it, were issued in 1945 to members of the Scout & Guide Association who carried out National Service in defence of the UK on the home front during the WW2. While the older members and leaders joined up to serve in the armed forces the younger… Continue reading A Little Story for a Special Day by Adele Taylor Sandiford

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It’s going dark!

The last Saturday in October our clocks went back one hour. When I was younger it was always difficult to remember, but not anymore. Since we’ve all learnt that certain countries call the Autumn Fall, we can now align it with the seasons and thus making it easier to remember. Fall back and Spring forward… Continue reading It’s going dark!

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We survived Halloween!

Listening to the radio this morning they were again talking about dressing up and parties. Every year it seems to get bigger. As a child, we didn’t celebrate it and neither did anyone else. Although my husband said he would go to his aunties and she would play dunking apples with them. My children didn’t… Continue reading We survived Halloween!

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National Cat Day

Click on the image Let’s celebrate National Cat Day with our feline friends. Whilst writing this I found out that the oldest cat to have ever lived was 38 years old. Imagine that? It’s name was Crème Puff and it died in 2005 having lived in the United States. We’ve had many cats during the… Continue reading National Cat Day