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Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

I’ve always found true stories as fascinating as fictional ones. Sometimes even more so, simply because they are true. I’m sharing a little story that might only be interesting to me. I’m lucky that my husband buys me flowers every so often, and at the weekend he bought me these. But it is the vase… Continue reading Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

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Join Us Here

The future is looking bright at Norns as we expand our list of authors. This means lots of new books will be published under our banner this year. We also bring readers so much more on our website. We are bloggers and passionate readers, too. Our blog brings: interesting articles celebrating the days of the… Continue reading Join Us Here

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Building A House

I have just completed a story. Hey, that’s great, I hear you say. Yes, it is but it’s a long way from being a book. Now the work truly begins. Thinking about it, I can liken it to building a house. The Frame Work - First Draft Putting the idea on paper is like constructing… Continue reading Building A House

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Examples of How I Get Story Ideas – not me, but Ruth Ann Nordin

Sometimes someone else’s blog post really fascinates me. Oh, to have written this many books! Well , I did, but I took the decision to rewrite every one. I don’t think I realised how long it would take. In the meantime, I can enjoy others, like this. In this post, I’m going to offer a… Continue reading Examples of How I Get Story Ideas – not me, but Ruth Ann Nordin

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About a Book – One Christmas by Karen J Mossman

Introducing Karen J Mossman Website GoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? It started out a short story that I could share out each year. But I liked it and felt there was more I could add to it. Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. … Continue reading About a Book – One Christmas by Karen J Mossman

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My Review of Beyond Connections by Lynn Miclea

A Superb Collection! I have read this author’s work before and enjoyed her writing style. The description appealed to me, and as the book was on pre-order it landed on my Kindle exactly when it was due. I especially loved how all the stories were different from each other. They showed the connections between family… Continue reading My Review of Beyond Connections by Lynn Miclea

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Books Read in October

I’ve had some excellent reads this month and Signal Moon and The Story of Son were outstanding. Both were novellas by popular, but new to me authors. The latter has over 1K reviews and the former over 10k. I think that speaks volumes. Stowe Away and Dead’s Man’s Doll were books I had been asked… Continue reading Books Read in October

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My Review of Rambling Rose

Karen’s Review This is the third book in a trilogy. The first Becoming Lili, the second is Chasing Daisy. The books are about a group of friends and this one tells the story of Rose. Because it was a while since I read the previous ones, I struggled with remembering who everybody is because there… Continue reading My Review of Rambling Rose