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Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

Karen’s Review I was asked to read this by a friend. These days I leave parenting up to my children, and prefer to delve into fiction. However, I’m open minded. The book was not what I expected. It’s not about children, instead, it’s about life skills. It tells you how to make the best of… Continue reading Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

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What Are You Up To?

My Saturday looks like this: Pitch an Pace - currently Kit, the main character, sits with her hands tied in a cave, and opposite her is a killer wearing a scream mask. Last night I watched a YouTube video about making your own emellismemts out of scraps. I’m a big crafter and that excites me.… Continue reading What Are You Up To?

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Birthdays of the Past

I recently wrote about Uncle Alan as I remembered the life he lived. Remembering A Life Lived Today, July 20th, is my maternal grandmother’s birthday. Nana was born in 1904. Although I remember her fondly, it’s something else that comes to mind when I think of her. Alzheimers. Research conducted shows that, in 2019, there… Continue reading Birthdays of the Past

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Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life

One late afternoon, while quadding around the Eastern desert near the town of Safaga in Egypt, we were reminded it was February the 14th, Valentine’s day. At one point, as the sun was beginning its descent, we stopped to stretch our legs. While we were taking in the vista, our guide set a heart of… Continue reading Short Piece by Paul White About Wonderful Moments in Life

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I’d Forgotten About That

For those that know me will hear that said frequently. For the last few months my memory has become worse. I wondered if it was an age thing. Now in my sixties age is a factor that has to be taken into consideration. I can’t do the same things as I did in my thirties… Continue reading I’d Forgotten About That

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Meet Meggy, Our Dog

Meggy was rescued in a police raid at puppy farm almost four years ago. Someone from a local charity accompanied them and brought two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels back across the country where, with a group of foster parents, they were cared for. We’d had our home check and waited until a Cavi came up.… Continue reading Meet Meggy, Our Dog

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Live for Joy by Anne Scottlin

Published by The Power of Joy Institute - This title is available in hardcover, softcover, and Kindle. Even if you only have a minute or two, you can create a mindset that helps you start celebrating your life again and become the kind of person you are proud to be. Anne Scottlin, award-winning writer, podcaster… Continue reading Live for Joy by Anne Scottlin

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Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

154 pages, Summer romance, Karen's Review I saw this book reviewed on Instagram. It was described as a light summer read novella, and so I downloaded it. Summer in Bliss is the story of Mia and Dash. They had each rented a holiday home on the edge of the ocean in a town called Bliss.… Continue reading Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

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One Died and One Comatose!

Everything and everyone has a story. And, in keeping of the ethos of Magic of Stories, they are all around us every day. Today I thought I would share something different with my blog followers. It is a first for my blog, but even plants have a tale to tell. This is the story of… Continue reading One Died and One Comatose!

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About a Book – Paradise Road, a Memoir by Marilyn Kriete

Introducing Marilyn Kriete WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? My life! I knew I had a story worth telling, full of twists, turns, colourful characters and places, and an inspirational journey. Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes.  I learn, too late, that there are… Continue reading About a Book – Paradise Road, a Memoir by Marilyn Kriete