Support your favourite Authors

I found this blog post recently and it simply tells you how to support your favourite authors. I do all of this frequently, but there will be those who don’t know these simple steps.

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Building A House

I have just completed a story. Hey, that’s great, I hear you say. Yes, it is but it’s a long way from being a book. Now the work truly begins. Thinking about it, I can liken it to building a house. The Frame Work - First Draft Putting the idea on paper is like constructing… Continue reading Building A House

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National Leon Day – Well, I Didn’t Know That!

This is really useful to me, and I didn’t know it was a thing. It will certainly be a thing from now on! Leon is simply Noel spelt backwards and it is exactly six months until Christmas. It’s a day for crafters to begin planning their Christmas makes. Recently I have been making birthday cards… Continue reading National Leon Day – Well, I Didn’t Know That!

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When Jacarandas Bloom by Ellen Reed, a review by a Pauline Reid

I am a sucker for books, and if you read my blog, you’ll know, it's something I frequently mention. Show me a beautiful cover and I’m intrigued. Give me the description and I may just be tempted. When I read a good review like the one below, I have buy, or get it on KU… Continue reading When Jacarandas Bloom by Ellen Reed, a review by a Pauline Reid


Dreaming up a Story

I've been involved with an anthology that comes out twice a year and sometimes have used revamped old stories, and occasionally brand new ones. The latter is always difficult to come up with a totally new idea. I should plan ahead but always seem to get involved in other things then realise I've left it… Continue reading Dreaming up a Story


Inner Peace

by Karen J Mossman Many years ago I worked in an afternoon as a Messenger, which meant delivering and picking up post from various floors in the building. There was a guy called Colin, who one day said to me, 'People never sit and do nothing any more.' We were having a break between rounds… Continue reading Inner Peace


Gifting a Book

by Karen J MossmanHere's what you do if you use over to Amazon UK or Amazon USFind the eBook you want to send as a gift.Click on the 'Buy for Others' buttonEnter the personal email address of your recipientEnter a delivery date and an optional personal messageClick Place Your OrderThe buy for others button… Continue reading Gifting a Book

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What to do next in Self Publishing

By Karen J Mossman The days of writing a novel selling it, and making money are gone. The self promotion and chasing the next sale as well as everything that goes into making it publishable is stressful and a number of authors just want to give up. I was talking to writer, Josesph Lemon, he… Continue reading What to do next in Self Publishing


WordPress V Facebook

I was reading a post on Instagram where someone wondering whether to start a blog. Of course, I immediately came on and said yes, and extolled the virtues of WordPress. It was only as I was doing so; I realised just what a community WordPress is. Suddenly I began comparing it to Facebook.For a long… Continue reading WordPress V Facebook