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The Shed by Lynn Miclea

This dropped into my email recently and I thought it excellent and wanted to share. Certainly gets your imagination going. A short story based on the image shown from a prompt from Writers Unite! – September 2022 The Shed A short story by Lynn Miclea Jay breathed in the brisk, cool night air, and let… Continue reading The Shed by Lynn Miclea

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A Short Story by Carole Parkes

After reading this short story, you may wish to take a peek at my book YOUR LAST BREATH as the novel was inspired by this story. Please read on… A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BLOGGER Spotting an interesting post from a new male blogger, I click on ‘Follow’. Oh! Too Late! Just as… Continue reading A Short Story by Carole Parkes

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My Head Just Exploded

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos It happens now again, and this morning it showered me with words, sentences, and phrases. For the last few days, I’ve been thinking of what to write for a Halloween blog. I decided on a new short story/flash fiction. It came to me how there was only one person for… Continue reading My Head Just Exploded

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The Lure of the Snake by Karen J Mossman

The story of a girl who loses her memory and dreams of a snake. Can this be the key to finding out who she is?  A story in three parts. Part One The snake slithered down the hillside, it’s tongue flicking from its mouth.   Mia waited; too terrified to move as the pinprick eyes fixed… Continue reading The Lure of the Snake by Karen J Mossman

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Flash Fiction; The Gift Box; by Karen J Mossman

I threw open a challenge on Facebook to give me something to write a short story about. I was given ‘Balloons, a square red box with a blue ribbon and a bow. This is what I came up with. When I opened the door this morning, it sat on the step. It wasn’t even my… Continue reading Flash Fiction; The Gift Box; by Karen J Mossman

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The Man with the Flask by Karen J Mossman

People-watching is something I’ve always done.I enjoy seeing them interact in a way I never could. One incident sticks in my mind and it happened when I was a young woman back in the nineties. In those days I felt like a silent observer who lived on the cusp of society. An outsider that nobody… Continue reading The Man with the Flask by Karen J Mossman

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Remembering a Life Lived

I have always had an uncanny memory for birthdays. I don’t know why I retain the information, I just do. I awoke this morning and saw it was July the 14th. Uncle Alan’s birthday. He passed away more than twenty years ago. When I first joined my husband’s family, it was here I met his… Continue reading Remembering a Life Lived

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What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts

Once upon a time we saw an angel, my late husband and I. A corny sort of beginning to a fairy tale, the start of every child’s story. But in our case, it is as true as I’m sitting here now. Neither of us were religious, much to the disappointment of my parents, but a… Continue reading What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts


Apple Stars | A Short Story

I came across this story as it landed in email. Something about it captured my imagination. It’s beautifully written and the most interesting things are what it doesn’t say. Who are the monsters? What happened to the world? Do read it, as it will set your imagination on fire. He brings her the broken children.… Continue reading Apple Stars | A Short Story