100 Word Story #23 The Whisky-JACKS by Tony McManus

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long. If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you. Alec Turner recalled the cold, wet, windy November night that he, Johnnie, Greg, and Heather, Harvard law students, all founded the Whisky-Jacks Society in a Boston cellar-bar called, Rick’s Dive-Bar. The… Continue reading 100 Word Story #23 The Whisky-JACKS by Tony McManus

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Totally Devoted

A little story I wrote in poetry form about obsessive love Sometimes at night I walk out lateAnd stop outside your garden gate.I know what they say is true,The things they say about you.They say you're outspoken and loudThat you’re always heard in a crowd,They say you’re not afraid of a fightAnd what you do… Continue reading Totally Devoted


The Wind

Listen to the wind,Listen to it howl.It whistles round my house,From ceiling to the ground.See the trees,See the plants,Watch them waveDoing a little dance.Look at the birds,Look at the sky.Everything is movingEven the clouds passing by.There are people,Little children too.See them fight against it,As they battle through.I like the wind.I like the sound.I like to… Continue reading The Wind

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Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day

This is Miriam and as she awakes her eyes fall on Peter, her husband of fifty years. She recalls a time when sleeping together before marriage was frowned upon. I love the feel of your skinSoft touches so tenderThis once used to be a sinWithout a ring on your finger.Lying here in the morning lightI… Continue reading Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day

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Afraid of the Dark | A Short Story

Scrolling through the Reader section of WordPress, I came across this short story. I really enjoyed it and it’s been a while since I shared one. So here you are, enjoy! A short story about a gnome named Toothwort Button who sets out into the night to figure out why the dark is so scary.… Continue reading Afraid of the Dark | A Short Story

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Attention Authors!

Sign up now to be part of this fun Christmas Word Search. Taking part will not only bring traffic to your website, but you will have the opportunity to show your work and writing style and hopefully find new readers. There is no charge to take part, you just have to donate one ebook of… Continue reading Attention Authors!

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The Séance, A Halloween Story 

My name is Cassidy Newbold and I’m a clairvoyant. I just want to say how much I hate Halloween. Yes, you heard it right. I hate Halloween.  On All Hallows Eve, many people invite spirits over from the other side. The veil between the two worlds is thinner on this night. Many clairvoyants revel in… Continue reading The Séance, A Halloween Story 

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The Lure of the Snake by Karen J Mossman

The story of a girl who loses her memory and dreams of a snake. Can this be the key to finding out who she is?  A story in three parts. Part One The snake slithered down the hillside, it’s tongue flicking from its mouth.   Mia waited; too terrified to move as the pinprick eyes fixed… Continue reading The Lure of the Snake by Karen J Mossman