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Salute to British Poet Gavin Ewart

Born this day in 1916 London, Gavin Ewart is known for poetry. He also wrote poems for children, and known for some light-verse on playful risqué subjects, which included Phallus of Wonderland. The most remarkable phenomenon of the English poetic scene ... has been the advent, or perhaps I should say the irruption, of Gavin… Continue reading Salute to British Poet Gavin Ewart


Poem: Another Day Like This by Chantelle Atkins

I like poetry and generally prefer those that rhyme. This doesn’t, but something about the story and rhythm appealed to me. Another day like this Comfort in favourite t-shirt The one with the stars on it And daughter’s old hoodie, the big blue one And jeans that need a … Poem: Another Day Like This


It Snowed Again Last Night

Occasionally I write poetry and I found this in a file of unpublished stories and poetry in the loft in a box. I must have been feeling very melancholy at the time. When I do write, they are always little stories. I’ll hope to write more next year. It’s fun to have a different medium… Continue reading It Snowed Again Last Night


It’s Almost Christmas!

A little ditty to get you in the mood. Christmas is here, give a cheer,Good wine and beer.Turkey and cranberry sauceCor, I could eat a horse!Mouth watering foods,Puts me in the moodTo celebrate the dayThe best possibly way.Christmas crackers,Lots of wrappers,Ribbons and bows,Warm snug clothes! Photo courtesy of


Epitaph, a Poem for the Grave

I found this in my collection of old poetry. I wrote more than about twenty years ago. I’m much nearer now than I ever was then! Just because I have died,Doesn’t mean I am dead and gone.I take a lot of prideIn the things I have done.For I chronicled the familyKept a list of who… Continue reading Epitaph, a Poem for the Grave


To Fight Fire With Sun

An incredible debut by D.A. Andrews To Fight Fire with Sun is a chapbook of poetry that dives into the experiences of love and loss. From conception, we have known love (or the lack thereof) and have grown to understand how this experience makes us the humans we are today. Loss comes in all forms.… Continue reading To Fight Fire With Sun

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Death.  Dementia. And Everything in Between An in-depth look at the transitions of life through Poetry and ProseBy family physician and critically acclaimed author, H.M. Gooden Life is full of surprises; full of laughter, love, and losses. This collection explores the transitions between highs and lows through poetry and prose.May you find the words on… Continue reading Passages