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Maybe That Isn’t Her

Experience Chrissy Moon’s lifelong emotional healing journey in poetry format. Beginning with a few poems illustrating the shock of mistreatment done to a young person, we see the next stage of her journey as a naïve, impulsive young woman who desperately wanted love to be the answer to her problems. When poorly-planned love fails to… Continue reading Maybe That Isn’t Her


Celebrating Mother’s Day with My Mum

Like me, many of us will never again be with our mums for Mother’s Day. So, I’m celebrating mine with two of her poems. Mum didn’t have a lot of time to write as she was a full time foster carer. When she did, she had such a way with words. I kept the letters… Continue reading Celebrating Mother’s Day with My Mum

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Book Review Maybe That Isn’t Her by Chrissy Moon

Where did I find it: I saw it promoted on Facebook. What I liked: The words were poignant and clearly came from the author’s heart. I felt I could read between the lines and imagine the story behind it. What I didn’t like: that perhaps in order to write Maybe It Isn't Her the author… Continue reading Book Review Maybe That Isn’t Her by Chrissy Moon

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Totally Devoted

A little story I wrote in poetry form about obsessive love Sometimes at night I walk out lateAnd stop outside your garden gate.I know what they say is true,The things they say about you.They say you're outspoken and loudThat you’re always heard in a crowd,They say you’re not afraid of a fightAnd what you do… Continue reading Totally Devoted


The Wind

Listen to the wind,Listen to it howl.It whistles round my house,From ceiling to the ground.See the trees,See the plants,Watch them waveDoing a little dance.Look at the birds,Look at the sky.Everything is movingEven the clouds passing by.There are people,Little children too.See them fight against it,As they battle through.I like the wind.I like the sound.I like to… Continue reading The Wind

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Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day

This is Miriam and as she awakes her eyes fall on Peter, her husband of fifty years. She recalls a time when sleeping together before marriage was frowned upon. I love the feel of your skinSoft touches so tenderThis once used to be a sinWithout a ring on your finger.Lying here in the morning lightI… Continue reading Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day

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Salute to British Poet Gavin Ewart

Born this day in 1916 London, Gavin Ewart is known for poetry. He also wrote poems for children, and known for some light-verse on playful risqué subjects, which included Phallus of Wonderland. The most remarkable phenomenon of the English poetic scene ... has been the advent, or perhaps I should say the irruption, of Gavin… Continue reading Salute to British Poet Gavin Ewart


Poem: Another Day Like This by Chantelle Atkins

I like poetry and generally prefer those that rhyme. This doesn’t, but something about the story and rhythm appealed to me. Another day like this Comfort in favourite t-shirt The one with the stars on it And daughter’s old hoodie, the big blue one And jeans that need a … Poem: Another Day Like This


It Snowed Again Last Night

Occasionally I write poetry and I found this in a file of unpublished stories and poetry in the loft in a box. I must have been feeling very melancholy at the time. When I do write, they are always little stories. I’ll hope to write more next year. It’s fun to have a different medium… Continue reading It Snowed Again Last Night