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When Jacarandas Bloom by Ellen Reed, a review by a Pauline Reid

I am a sucker for books, and if you read my blog, you’ll know, it’s something I frequently mention. Show me a beautiful cover and I’m intrigued. Give me the description and I may just be tempted. When I read a good review like the one below, I have buy, or get it on KU if it’s there.

In the mornings, I read from my iPad for about twenty to thirty minutes. In my mailbox today was Pauline Reid’s review. So I read it, because she is a great reviewer and this book was by the author of my current read, The Dragon Sleeps. I clicked on the back link only to be told the title is not available. I sighed, I knew why.

I cannot stress enough that universal links should be used. It had taken me to the US store, and being in the UK, won’t let me buy. A potential reader would not have known that, and probably given up. Not me. I came out and went into the browser and put in As I couldn’t spell the name of the book, a word I had never come across, I put in the author’s name, whom, I might add, is Australian. I couldn’t find her. So I typed in the book I was reading, and that didn’t come up either. Sigh. Next I went to Crimson Cloak Publishing, because they are my publisher too. I found it, clicked on the author profile – and – the book wasn’t there.

Sometimes, when you are a book reviewer, you cannot make universal links for all the books you have. So I suggest have two – Amazon UK and Amazon US.

When a new book is published, an author has to link it to their Amazon profile through Amazon Author Central, and in all the excitement, she had either forgotten to add it, or was waiting for Amazon to update it. Profile’s should be set up for authors in their own country, and in the US, because that is the biggest market. It turns out that Australia have to use the US site because, for some strange reason, it is not available in theirs. In that case, it should have least have a UK presence, as well.

Eventually, and now on my laptop, I was able to find Ellen Read and downloaded the Amazon profile, although the book wasn’t there. Why I couldn’t do it earlier, I don’t. iPads are limited but I would have thought it should still have come up. To my delight, I saw it is available on Kindle Unlimited. That’s always a bonus, right?

I also feel irritated with the WordPress editor. Although I have just about mastered enough to do what I want, I can also do it on my iPad now thought the app. The only exception which is the thing that irritates me, is putting every paragraph gets a new box whenever I press enter. I don’t want it in different blocks. Should I want to do anything to the text I have to go each one separately.

Anyway, I digress, go and read Pauline’s review and see if it has the same effect on you.

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