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Beautiful Book Covers

I’m always banging on about book covers, I think say are so important, and even more than that. I love them!

Three of my novellas have had new ones, made by the multi-talented Paul White of Electric Eclectic books.

Finding Amanda

Written at time when I was fascinated by filming on location. (I still am to some extent.) I set the story in a Scottish hotel that was closed while they filmed a new drama. Amanda is the hotel manager and stays on to assist the crew. She starts a relationship with Jamie, the lead actor. For eight years she had been happy with her life, until one evening while they were watching television, a programme searching for people who had disappeared comes up, and there is Amanda’s face among the missing. The story is about a family torn apart by a missing sister. Now she has been located, the painful truth unfolds. A happy ever ending, where you will need your tissues.

Down by the River

In the 1990s I was mesmerised by a song by Richard Marx called Hazard. It told the story of Mary who had gone missing, and he was blamed. It captured my imagination and I needed to know more. It inspired me to create new characters and a situation. Shelby returns to her home town in Louisiana because Mary-Jo, her best friend was in trouble. When her body turns up, Mary-Jo’s boyfriend Ricky is blamed. But there are many secrets in which the local sheriff is good at hiding and controlling. Her drunken father was one of the reasons to drive her away. Shelby must find out what happened, even if the truth is hard to bear.

The Slap

This story was inspired by a real case many years that stuck with me. My heroine is Cassie, who is a clairvoyant. Just by touching something that belongs to someone can conjure up images. When two young girls go missing, her brother, a police detective, asks for her help to solve the case. As soon as Cassie takes the hand of the man suspected of abducting them, what she sees brings out the worst reaction she has ever had. Despite the nightmares it gives her, she helps the police search an old farmhouse in rural England hoping they are still alive.

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