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Behind the Name, author Gary Winstead

I am an author at Crimson Cloak Publishing, I also do some marketing work for them. Because of this I’ve read a number of their books, and know most of the authors at least by name.

It’s a funny world where we only know people by name and their words become their personality.

Gary Winstead is one of the authors whose books I haven’t read – yet – but am familiar with those that he writes. He also wrote a book, which has been featured on here, So You Want to be a Marine? It sells very well and gets mixed reviews, but more importantly people are moved enough to write a review.

Recently, he wrote a book called Zeke and the Zumba Dragon. It is a short children’s book, and I heard it was written for his grandson who sadly lost his life at two years old.

Sanghamitra Dasgupta has illustrated many of Crimson Cloak books. One day she came up with the idea that authors should make videos of themselves talking about their books. Many of the authors were far too shy to go on camera, me included. I don’t know why, because it’s not as if I haven’t appeared on camera and have even stood up and spoken in front audience. If you really want to see me talk, then you can on the Magic of Stories YouTube.

Gary Winstead was one of the authors who took up the challenge. He gives an interesting talk on his books which were laid out on the table in front of him. It was fascinating to see the man behind the name and even more interesting was what he told us. The picture on the front of Zeke and the Zumba Dragon was that of his grandson. What a beautiful testimony to have him immortalised for ever.

Zeke is available as an eBook and on Kindle Unlimited. But, nicest of all is that is a lovely little paperback that can be purchased as a special gift for your child or someone else’s.

The tiny town of Kalipso sits on the farthest island west on the Island Camotes. It has always been a peaceful town, with warm loving people and beautiful sunsets. Life is quiet and uneventful until that fateful day.

High in the mountains of Mindanao is a cave that holds a long forgotten creature with evil intent. The Sigbin lives only to make others suffer and it is about to awaken from centuries old sleep.

At the same time a child is born who will forever change life in Kalipso.

Darkness descends and it is up to the child to turn darkness into light. Can Zeke and his pet dragon save the town? Will Zumba be strong enough? The answers await within.

Listen to Gary talk about some of the wonderful books he has participated in.

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