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About a Book – So You Want To Be A Marine by Gary Winstead

Introducing Gary Winston WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? My four years as a Marine during one of Americas most turbulent times Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes.  The third worst job in the Marine Corps is E-3 or below, a dishwasher or waiter has it… Continue reading About a Book – So You Want To Be A Marine by Gary Winstead

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National Make a Dog’s Day

When I saw this, I must have had my artist hat on for I read it as Make a Dog Day, and I have drawn a dog and stitched a dog , so that’s technically making a dog! Crochet Sausage Dog , Cross Stitch, Jack Russell However, when I read it again, I saw it… Continue reading National Make a Dog’s Day

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Books Read In July

Some good, some bad this month. I don’t mean bad as in rubbish, just some I enjoyed more than others. The Beautiful Ones is my second book by Julia Sutton. I love her writing. Lover’s Moon is part of a series, a good one if this one is anything to go by. Except, it’s not… Continue reading Books Read In July

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My Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

Karen’s Review I was asked to read this by a friend. These days I leave parenting up to my children, and prefer to delve into fiction. However, I’m open minded. The book was not what I expected. It’s not about children, instead, it’s about life skills. It tells you how to make the best of… Continue reading My Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

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July’s Reading List

This month I have a theme. Can you see what it is? It came about because of the first two books. They had a similar name. I remembered another one in which I’d read the first of the series, but not the second. He’s With The Band, I randomly chose off Amazon because I love… Continue reading July’s Reading List

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Secrets Taken to the Grave

In 1988, a pub landlord killed a twenty two year old woman. He was caught not long after and sentenced to life in prison. He died this month, and never revealed where he buried her body. You can read about it here. This made me think of my grandfather, whom we called ‘Papa’. He was… Continue reading Secrets Taken to the Grave

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What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts

Once upon a time we saw an angel, my late husband and I. A corny sort of beginning to a fairy tale, the start of every child’s story. But in our case, it is as true as I’m sitting here now. Neither of us were religious, much to the disappointment of my parents, but a… Continue reading What is an Angel? A True Story by Anne Roberts

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An Expensive Book!

I love cross stitching and attend a Craft Club near to where I live. There are about ten members and two subscribe to the Hatchette Partworks site where they have Disney charts. My fellow crafters showed me this book, which is only available to members, and I fell in love with the content. Beautiful clear… Continue reading An Expensive Book!

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I’d Forgotten About That

For those that know me will hear that said frequently. For the last few months my memory has become worse. I wondered if it was an age thing. Now in my sixties age is a factor that has to be taken into consideration. I can’t do the same things as I did in my thirties… Continue reading I’d Forgotten About That

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Meet Meggy, Our Dog

Meggy was rescued in a police raid at puppy farm almost four years ago. Someone from a local charity accompanied them and brought two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels back across the country where, with a group of foster parents, they were cared for. We’d had our home check and waited until a Cavi came up.… Continue reading Meet Meggy, Our Dog