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National Make a Dog’s Day

When I saw this, I must have had my artist hat on for I read it as Make a Dog Day, and I have drawn a dog and stitched a dog , so that’s technically making a dog!

However, when I read it again, I saw it said Make a Dog’s Day. Which, of course is something entirely different.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, and I highly recommend it, consider getting one from a Dog’s Home instead of a breeder. I did. The pencil drawing above is of my dog Meggy. We got her from a charity that rescued her from a puppy farm. Growing up we always had dogs. Mum and Dad chose the majorly of them from the local dog’s home.

Learn more about adopting a dog by clicking on the top image or buying one of these.

2 thoughts on “National Make a Dog’s Day”

  1. I agree, rescue dogs are the best. I have two of them and love them to pieces. Now I will make their day and take them for a walk. xo

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