Ghostly Rites Anthology 2020

A book of Eleven short fiction Halloween stories, some based on fact. Along with two poems.

This year’s Ghostly Rites Crew are: Natan Annabell-Hansen, Colleen Chesebro, Cathy-Lee Chopping, Mary Woldering, Mara Reitsma, Elizabeth Green, Wendy Steele, Michael Lynes, M J Mallon, C Weave-Lane, Karen J Mossman, and Adele Marie Parks

The Stories are written in the English Language and Grammar of where they live.

I am happy. to have taken part in this once again. My story is called Terror in the Office and in September I found a file containing stories I had written back in the eighties. This one was amongst them. I tidied it up and rewrote it.

Based in a 1980s office it is interesting to see how different it was back then with typewriters and how many staff were address and Mr and Mrs. There is an element of truth in the story and that is because I based it on the office as I was working at the time and my colleagues! I was also a bit of a joker at that time and once played a trick on Friday 13th, and this story stems from there.

Connect with the authors here

Colleen M. Chesebro
Adele Marie Park
M J Mallon
Cathy-Lee Chopping
C Weave-Lane
Mary R. Woldering
Karen J. Mossman

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