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Not born an Artist, but am trying!

In the nineties, I taught myself to cross stitch because I wanted to make pretty pictures and didn't have any talent for drawing. At the beginning of the year, my WI (Anglesey Federation of Women's Institute) held a drawing course, and so I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, by the time I got to… Continue reading Not born an Artist, but am trying!

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Our Federation Lunch 2018

This is why I belong to the WI. Hartburn do many interesting things and I enjoyed reading this. The WI started in Anglesey, where I live and each area are part of a Federation. A bit like a mother and all her kittens really! Putting on a lunch with a speaker is a lovely idea.… Continue reading Our Federation Lunch 2018


A Life Lost

by Karen J Mossman We all enjoy reading stories and it's not only fiction that grabs our attention. I heard one the other day, and it saddened me greatly. A life wasted with someone not reaching their full potential. It makes me think about how we don't get second chances in this life. This is… Continue reading A Life Lost