Lonely Bouquets

I’m part of the WI and we have a great website for our federation, which is Wales.

Last year our group took part in the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ and it was nice for all the reasons Heartburn WI have mentioned in their blog post below.

It was fun making them up and then we walked around Trearddur Bay in Anglesey. We put them in prominent places for people to see, pick up, and take home to enjoy. We received messages of thanks too, which was lovely to know how much they appreciated our efforts. It was great seeing people enjoying them. It was also a way of spreading the word about who we are.

Hartburn are a great WI, who I believe are up in the North of England. I enjoy reading about what they do, so if you subscribe to them, you can enjoy it too!

This time last week, we had already popped each of our Lonely Bouquets out into Hartburn and were watching the stories and social media attention roll in with our mouths wide open. We couldn’t quite believe how many people had seen our little project, and one of those people was Alex Cook, a training journalist […]

via Lonely bouquets, kindness and community spirit — Hartburn Village Women’s Institute


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