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The Retreat by Mark Edwards

Thanks to Emma, The Little Bookworm, for prompting this post as I reblogged her blog tour for this book. So please go on to read the original article below.

I haven’t read this book yet, but have read others by Mark. I’m pretty sure he started out as an Indie Author. I checked the books on Amazon and publisher is listed as Thomas and Mercer publishers.

He is such an approachable guy. In 2015 I wrote about the release of Follow You Home. I’d not been to a launch party before and it was amazing. I messaged him about the article and we chatted. Subsequent launches for his later books, seemed to get more popular. He has an absolute knack for it and although on the whole I think these sort of events are not as popular as they once were, his certainly are.

I attended and he did a live feed for an hour. This morning I looked at the comments and there was stagging 1.5k of them! It all stems from great books and great writing. I wish him all the success he has and I’m sure I’ll get round to reading The Retreat at some point. When you do, you can bet I’ll be writing about it!

The Retreat by Mark Edwards is one of the most intense books I’ve read for a while! It’s my stop on the blog tour today and I’m delighted to share my review with you. Dark, creepy, and mysterious, it has everything you want from a thriller and my God it will have you on the […]

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