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Who Are they?

Recently, Darlene Foster shared some of her old family photographs. Despite not knowing any of them, I found them really interesting to look at. They captured a time from all our pasts where things were so different to what they are today. So on that note, I’m sharing some very old family photos that have… Continue reading Who Are they?

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Are You Familiar with It?

This is the view from my front door. One thing that has fascinated me for years is how two people can see something so differently when they look at the same thing. As I’m older and the thought has been with me a long time, I now completely understand why this is so, but it… Continue reading Are You Familiar with It?

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Green Gables House

This is a lovely article for fans of Ann of Green Gables. The photos will spark your imagination. It did mine. Many of you know that Anne of Green Gables is my favourite children’s book. The opportunity to see the house in Prince Edward Island that inspired …Green Gables House

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Birthdays of the Past

I recently wrote about Uncle Alan as I remembered the life he lived. Remembering A Life Lived Today, July 20th, is my maternal grandmother’s birthday. Nana was born in 1904. Although I remember her fondly, it’s something else that comes to mind when I think of her. Alzheimers. Research conducted shows that, in 2019, there… Continue reading Birthdays of the Past

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Remembering a Life Lived

I have always had an uncanny memory for birthdays. I don’t know why I retain the information, I just do. I awoke this morning and saw it was July the 14th. Uncle Alan’s birthday. He passed away more than twenty years ago. When I first joined my husband’s family, it was here I met his… Continue reading Remembering a Life Lived

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National Father in Law Day

My father in law passed away early 1983. I’d known him for five years. We had a great relationship. He was the biggest kidder going and I was young and naive. In their caravan, they had a dried star fish and he told me it was in suspended animation and if put back into water,… Continue reading National Father in Law Day

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About a Book – Paradise Road, a Memoir by Marilyn Kriete

Introducing Marilyn Kriete WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? My life! I knew I had a story worth telling, full of twists, turns, colourful characters and places, and an inspirational journey. Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes.  I learn, too late, that there are… Continue reading About a Book – Paradise Road, a Memoir by Marilyn Kriete

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February is Birthday Month – almost everyday!

I am not very good at remembering what I had for dinner last week and I am utterly hopeless at maths and sometimes forget a name.The one thing I don't forget is birthdays and anniversaries. When I was in my late teens I bought a small birthday book and thought how good it would be… Continue reading February is Birthday Month – almost everyday!