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Who Are they?

Recently, Darlene Foster shared some of her old family photographs. Despite not knowing any of them, I found them really interesting to look at. They captured a time from all our pasts where things were so different to what they are today.

So on that note, I’m sharing some very old family photos that have a story to tell.

No one thought to write on the back of these pictures. They were handed down through the generations until no one knew who they were. It’s sad really, they are obviously family, but there is no way to ever trace them now.

This man was described as a bit of a cad. My Nana’s sister was married to him. He used to have a garage full of confectionery which he drew off from his job as a travelling salesmen to sell on. When his beautiful wife committed suicide, he sold her mother’s house from under her, and ran off with the money leaving her destitute.

These are the earliest photos we have of my family down my mother’s side. Her mum is one of the children, so I know it was taken between 1907 and 1910. I also recognise Blackpool Tower in the background, so it would have been a day trip out.

When I did my family history this was where it started, with James. This photo was probably take around 1867. He had four sons and stories passed down the family said that in order to settle an argument, he take his sons to the back yard to settle it with a fist fight.

These are the children of one of James’s sons. The eldest boy died in a prison of war camp of Beriberi. The younger one collapsed and died of pneumonia at school sports day aged just sixteen.

This eldest son of James. In 1921, he and his family boarded a boat to Australia and were never heard of again. One story said it was to get away from his father.

I don’t know who the mother is, but she appears on several old photographs in my collection. I’m certain she is a family member. I’ve included it because I love how they are dressed and how smart they look.

Again, I really like this photo. I love their clothing, and it looks like they are attending a wedding.

And the final picture is a vehicle called a char-à-banc. It’s an early form of coach. Inside are several family members all going out for a day trip. Very possibly with their local church.

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  1. These are great old photos. It is too bad that names and dates were not written on the back of the pictures. I have some like that too. But the fashions are amazing!

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