Celebrating Mother’s Day with My Mum

Like me, many of us will never again be with our mums for Mother’s Day. So, I’m celebrating mine with two of her poems. Mum didn’t have a lot of time to write as she was a full time foster carer. When she did, she had such a way with words. I kept the letters we swapped when one of us was away and they were always full of humour.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mums whether they are with us or forever in our hearts.

Tongue in Cheek

Husband’s ill what shall I do?
Phone the doctor, is it flu?
Does he want his pipe and slippers?
Isolate him from the nippers
Really seems a little down
Was he in the Rose and Crown
Hold on a bit, first, wait a minute,
Is it too much Christmas spirit?
Perhaps he’s just a little better,
Not as ashen as he was
Could it be he’s learned his lesson
Not a chance, he never does


When I’m in the land of Nod
Can ride a horse that’s roughly shod
Can cover the ground that’s hard and brown
Can be a star, a ghost, a clown
Can be a guard in armour bright
Can be a bat that flies at night
Can be an engine red and gold
Can be a knight in days of old
I open my eyes a tiny bit
Can see my lamp so brightly lit
Can see my drum, my jumping jack
Can see my teddy, round and fat.

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