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Not born an Artist, but am trying!

In the nineties, I taught myself to cross stitch because I wanted to make pretty pictures and didn’t have any talent for drawing. At the beginning of the year, my WI (Anglesey Federation of Women’s Institute) held a drawing course, and so I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, by the time I got to hear of it, it was fully booked. A friend of mine suggested I take a look at YouTube as there are lots of tutorials on there.

I hadn’t thought of that and initially drew a few from there. Mainly I learnt a lot, and that there were technical aspects of drawing, I hadn’t even thought of before.

I moved on to paperbacks, then. I bought a book called How to Draw with Photorealism, Drawing and Shading Techniques from Beginner to Advanced by Jasmina Susak. An excellent book that taught me so much.

Another was called How to Draw Anything by Mark Linley. That gave me a wide experience of trying many things, including cartoons. That was really fun.

So I’ll be sharing some of my drawings using the hashtag #drawings. By clicking that from the bottom of the homepage will bring them all up.

This is the one I’ve done today. A friend of mine once said even if it doesn’t look like the person it’s supposed to be, it is a person. Although, I would prefer them to look like who they’re supposed to be. When I showed him this, he said he didn’t know who it was and then came back saying it looks a bit like ….  can you guess?




This is one of the cartoons I copied from the book, then changed it up by adding a few more elements.

They may not be that good, but for someone who really couldn’t draw any better than a five-year-old, I think they are okay and they seemed to be getting better.


I’m pleased with my horse and at some point, I’d like to draw it in colour.


Then I drew my dog sleeping as she looked so angelic!




2 thoughts on “Not born an Artist, but am trying!”

  1. Excellent; when I was a pony mad child I was always trying to draw horse, but could never get the parts or proportions right. I love the drawing of the four people, it has character and life.


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