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Infected Water by Alathia Morgan

An Exciting Adventure on the High Seas

Karen’s Review

It’s been a long while since I read a Zombie book, and this was in the authors newsletter. It’s the first of a series, which is always exciting.

It is set in 1912 as the Titanic makes her fateful maiden voyage. There are several main characters, and they all play an important part in the plot. I really enjoyed them. I also loved the idea of it being on a ship, where ladies paraded the deck, and gentlemen were very polite. All the while it’s has an undercurrent of something bad happening . The author did a magnificent job of creating characters within an epic story line.

Overall, I really enjoyed the plot, characters, and zombies. However, there were a lot of errors, such as missing or incorrect words. And it needed a good edit too. It was a shame, because this really is a terrific tale and it deserves to be the best it can be.

Those who enjoy a great story, horror, and history will find this fascinating. I highly recommend it, and I will probably read the next book, too.


As eager voyagers boarded the Titanic on that fateful day, no one realized something else had boarded with them.

When she received the contract from White Star Lines, Nora Ryan couldn’t believe her luck. She was going to be paid to travel on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. She didn’t mind taking care of a few common illnesses along the way if it meant experiencing a cross-Atlantic journey in style.

But when the passengers become ill, one after the other, Nora was flustered. The disease is unlike anything she had ever witnessed. The speed at which it makes its victim’s deteriorate, sends chills down her spine. When the first passenger dies, Nora believes death would bring peace to his suffering, instead the suffering has only begun. 

Help is miles across the ocean and Nora has no cure for this mystery virus. She seeks the help of a stowaway, Gill, to help her try and contain the virus. But even as they try to protect the uninfected, they realize it’s only a matter of time before they’ll need to fight for survival. Especially when the dead begin to rise…

Icebergs, ocean currents and north-Atlantic storms are the last things they are worried about; the biggest threat has already boarded the Titanic.

A Titanic Disaster is the first book in the Infected Histories Series. Alathia Morgan writes history with an interesting twist. She’ll take you a rollercoaster of suspense even as you begin to question what you truly know.

Is history a true reflection of the past or merely palatable fiction at its best? You decide.

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