Horror, Novella, Psychological

Dare you go down to the Basement?

I’ve never been a horror lover, and have known about this book for a while. When it came on offer, I couldn’t resist downloading it. At a hundred pages long, it was worth taking a chance. Even if it was too horrific, silly, or gory, I could at least say I had read it.

Surprisingly, it was none of those. Instead, it was clever and entertaining, and not the kind of horror I expected. I actually enjoyed it. It’s one of those books that leaves you thinking about it long afterwards. Far from silly, you could actually believe it happened.

The story told us about a group of detectives who investigate the disappearance of a young couple. Sahara Foley, the author, wanted to tease the reader with something dark and she did that by having the missing male be a writer. He wrote about the lead up to he and his wife’s departure.

The notes are found by one of the detectives, explained the lead up to the couple exit. It was enough to tease the reader, and scare the detective. The story then moves forward in years with no clues to their, and other disappearances.

A faithful band of detectives continue to follow this story, and have their theories about what happened. What they find out is unbelievable to all they tell, but the proof is there.

It Lives in the Basement behaves in the way of any mystery/crime/police story, with one big twist. I think that’s why I liked it. It was normal, it followed the same path as books of that ilk. Additionally, It plays on our own fears, and the horror value, also comes from that.

The climax to the story is stunning. The build up led to an ending not unexpected, but it took me by surprise in the way it was done

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