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Below Torrential Hill, a New Release by Jonathan Koven

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021 190 pages It’s Christmas, and strange occurrences are plaguing the small town of Torrential Hill: a supernatural comet, undead insects, exploding streetlights, and a presence luring people into the woods. But when the mother of Tristen—a wistful, fatherless sixteen-year-old boy—hears voices from the kitchen sink, all he can think of… Continue reading Below Torrential Hill, a New Release by Jonathan Koven

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National Father in Law Day

My father in law passed away early 1983. I’d known him for five years. We had a great relationship. He was the biggest kidder going and I was young and naive. In their caravan, they had a dried star fish and he told me it was in suspended animation and if put back into water,… Continue reading National Father in Law Day

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Christmas Time

The other day a blog post caughte my eye. It was about Christmas past, present and the furture. When I was a child we celebrated our Christmas as a big family. Stockings were hung at the end of the bed and in the morning there would be an apple, orange, a little toy and some… Continue reading Christmas Time


The Christmas Event

by Karen J Mossman Christmas Eve. Table was set. Turkey cooking. Presents wrapped. I drank wine to celebrate. Then I stopped mid flow. Oh my God! What had I done? Or rather what had I not done! I grabbed my coat, then ran back and grabbed my phone. Ordered a Uber. Shoved my feet into… Continue reading The Christmas Event


Christmas Poetry

- reblogged from Stevie Turner 's site. Stevie suggested we share our Christmas peoems, so if you have one you would like to share, post the link in the comments and I will post it on the run up to Chrimstas. CHRISTMAS EVE The clock ticks on as I lie and wait,My stocking along my… Continue reading Christmas Poetry


Home For Christmas

Christmas lights zigzagged across the road and shoppers hurried for the warmth of department stores. An icy wind brought a chill to the falling snow. Louise looked into the store window. The tree lights twinkled giving off a warm aura. She turned away with a lump in her throat Happy faced shoppers passed by, including… Continue reading Home For Christmas