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My Review of Christmas Magic at the Writer’s Retreat by Julia Sutton

Snow, Ghosts, and Romance.

This is a nice light-hearted enjoyable read and told by Louise, the main character. She is an aspiring writer who eventually goes to the writer’s retreat in the title.

I enjoyed Lou’s relationship with her family, her widowed father, aunt, and teenage brother. She was also the main earner and ran the home, making sure everyone was fed and the house kept clean and tidy. She also yearned for love and found it with the aptly named Mr Love.

The ghosts didn’t really relate to the story as they appeared at the end when Louise got to the writer’s retreat. They made it fun and I could see the hotel, it’s owners, and the apparitions making a great story on its own.

There were a number of little errors that didn’t take me away from the tale, but there nevertheless. Overall, the story was good and kept me entertained.


After her mother’s death, young Louise is left caring for her melancholy father and a wayward younger brother.

She works tirelessly in a baker’s shop, but dreams of becoming a successful children’s author, and her love life is in turmoil because of a lifelong attraction to the local bad boy.  With the help of some interfering friends, she wins a Christmas competition to spend a week at a writers’ retreat at the Mystic Springs hotel.

It seems that Lou’s luck is changing, but can she keep her focus amidst eerie occurrences and the presence of a very attractive writing mentor?

Add a little dash of magic and lose yourself in this cozy Christmas romance.

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