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Saved by Love at Christmas by Toya Richardson

A Beautiful Romance for Christmas

Just as I was looking for a Christmas read, I came across this new release in a Facebook group.

What I really liked was the romance between Ruby and Ben. They had been childhood friends and it’s was natural for them to get together. But when is anything as easy that? Ruby is in another relationship and unfortunately it is an abusive one. When it turns to violence there is just one person she can turn to. Ben.

I loved the two main characters. Their relationship is so beautifully written from the initial sparks until the realisation they loved each other. Add a sprinkle of Christmas into the mix, and you have all the hallmarks of something special.

What a didn’t like was when someone chatted to Ruby and failed to notice she was getting upset as they spoke. But then again, some people are like that, completely unaware of everything except themselves.

Romance lovers, this is a book you will enjoy. There are lots of tender special moments that squeeze your heart and make you smile. Congratulations to the author on beautiful story, well told.


When love and friendship collide, can the magic of Christmas help dreams come true?

Ruby James had a life that most could only dream about. A thriving business. A close-knit circle of family and friends who loved her. Falling for the perfect man and agreeing to move with him to Spain was her dream come true. She never could have imagined the nightmare that awaited her.

Ben Driscoll never trusted Ruby’s new partner. His worst fears for her are confirmed when he receives a desperate phone call from her, informing him that her dream has shattered, her perfect existence has been turned upside down, and her very life is in danger.

Ruby is looking forward to her life back in the UK and enjoying Christmas, her favourite time of year, with her loved ones. Ben diligently attempts to help her rebuild what she has lost.
Her life seemingly settled and on the right track again they look toward the future… unaware that her past has followed her home.

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