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Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!

I was watching Graham Norton, a chat show host, and Tom Hanks, the American actor was one of the guests. They mentioned Boxing Day and he put up his fists and said we thought it was fighting day!

When my sister first went to live in the US over thirty years ago, she was shocked to find it was a normal day, and worst of all she had to go work!

We also get a bonus, if, like this year, Christmas and Boxing Day fall at a weekend. We then get substitute Bank Holidays to replace them.

Find out more about the origins of Boxing Day.

It’s almost like another Christmas Day without the gifts. A time for family to get together again, for us and many like us. Although in recent years, shops have begun to have Boxing Day sales with many bargains to be had. Lots of people love them and queue to be the first to pick up an item at a low price.

We will have spent Christmas Day with my daughter and as there will be fourteen of us. She has decided on a Christmas buffet rather than a sit down meal. My husband and I would rather have a traditional Christmas dinner, but as she is catering she feels this will be easier.

So, on Boxing Day, my husband and I will have a quiet day and have our own Christmas dinner with a traditional Turkey, rather than a crown, which has been popular with everyone for the last few years.

As I have just started Robert Galbraith Strike series, I will most likely spend a lot of the day contentedly reading.

However, you spend your day, whether celebrating it, relaxing or shopping, have a wonderful day!

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