Christmas Time

I love Christmas time and all the festivities. The decorations, and light shows outside of people’s houses that become flashier ever year – literally. 🤣

I love the food and the delicious aromas that come from recipes used for generations. The Snowballs, the Irish Cream, the Sherry! I love it all!

This year I’ve enjoyed the difference between my colleagues, and friends and I at Norns Triad Publications, – Julie and Sahara, and our book club team. Their ‘season’ starts with Thanksgiving, something we don’t have. Although, we do have Boxing Day, always the 26th December.

We never use Happy Holidays it’s always Merry Christmas, or Happy Christmas, and one of those is not used as a greeting in the US.

Holiday, the holidays is getting away from home for a few days. We go on our holidays, where as my friends there go on vacation.

The word Holidays is used to make it inclusive for all people, religions, and their celebrations. We use the word Festive in exactly the same way.

So, whoever you are, however you celebrate during November, December, or January, have a wonderful time!

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