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My Review of Holy Hell by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

This is the second book of the Mayhem and Madness series, and my third if you count the prequel.

Down from the mountain to find out what’s going on, our heroes, Cole, and Brook, head into town. Acid rain is falling and now there is a virus. It’s still an apocalyptic tale, but this book morphs into horror

At forty two pages long, it packs a heck of a punch. There is blood and gore and a mad man who thinks he’s God’s prophet. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s clever because the title of the next book appears as a throw away line. The girl in the sewer was an official of the Centre for Disease Control. Her colleague murdered, and she thrown into the sewer. I can’t even guess how that will turn out, but can’t wait.

These will attract readers who love mind blowing and unexpected story twists. They are totally different than anything I’ve come across before.


How the world could have ended: Astrological, Biological or Sociological.

Tuesday, 1:25 PM. Northern California. Eastland was the final destination for Brooklyn (Brook) Lewis and Cole Denvers. Both were survivors of the onslaught brought about by deadly explosions at multiple chemical plants around the globe.

While half the world freezes under a blanket of snow and an extreme drop in temperature, and the other half melts from the acid rains that fall, the entire populous is thrust into a darkness that no one could have foretold. The forecast is for a better tomorrow. But with the chaos continuing to unfold around the planet, and a new virus spreading like wildfire, there seems to be no end in sight.

Eastland may just be the start to a whole new paradise. Or it may be the last place that Brooklyn and Cole are ever seen alive. Because with a doomsday cult hellbent on fulfilling a fake prophecy led by a madman named Rasputin running the town, and the rains continuing to fall all around them, Eastland may in fact just be paradise lost.

This will not be Tuesday as usual for Brook and Cole. Because in the town of Eastland…there’ll be Holy Hell to pay.

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