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My Review of Burning Rains by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

This is the first book of the Madness and Mayhem series, although, I suggest you read the prequel first. After I read it, I fully expected it to be a mafia story. Instead, it’s an apocalyptic one. Not only that, it’s just thirty nine pages long. The whole series is similar length.

Sam, the protagonist from Bad Boys Make Broken Men meets Brooklyn. She has done a spell inside, after killing her husband. Although, all is not as it seems. Brook is in her parents cabin and Cole is in a tent enjoying a fishing holiday. When the rain turns nasty, he is forced to take shelter with her.

Outside a pack of wolves are baying for their blood. With it being short, it would be easy to explain away the whole plot, so I’ll stop there.

Ultimately, I loved it, and the unexpected mix of genres it contained. I eagerly await to read book two.

The series will appeal to a wide variety of readers, but mainly those who like the unexpected.


After a spell in jail for the manslaughter of her abusive husband, all Brooklyn Lewis was wanting was an escape. She heads off to the Sierra Mountains to stay in her parents’ idyllic cabin in the Sierra Mountains where she’s just planning on having some quality R & R.

Cole Denvers – he’s on his annual camping and fishing trip, he’s set up camp on the shores of the Old Ridge Lake and is counting on catching some quality fish

But when the skies suddenly darken and the wolves begin to howl, Brook and Cole realise that the blissful break they were looking forward to is fast turning into an ordeal from hell.

As the nightmarish horrors clash around them, Brook and Cole find themselves thrown together. Now their only goal is to make it home alive. But with acid falling from the sky and wolves haunting their shadows, will the two be able to make it out of the mountains alive?

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