My Review of the Girl In the Sewer by Sam J Fires.

Karen’s Review

Book three of this series sees Cole and Katie, and Shithead, the wolf, take refuge in a sewer to escape the burning rain.

Inside they meet an eccentric lady called Serendipity, who seemingly has the key to the future. In another chapter we meet the president, who is an evil man and has a telekinesis power, which of course shakes things up a bit.

I’m really enjoying this series for its uniqueness. Full of gore, and crazy people, it’s a great little read. I’m getting used to Sam Fires style now, and the way she tells a story. I like it.

Readers who love small exciting books, are going to love these!


Welcome to the New World.

It’s become like the wild west out there, out beyond the sewers of Eastland, as the survivors of the world’s recent events fight their way to get to one of the host cities where vaccines are being distributed.

Everything in the region, up above the darkness of the sewers, has been transmogrified. From the destruction of the vegetation, to the speeding mutations that have turned wildlife crazy and sent them on a murderous hunt for anything living.

Brooklyn Lewis, Cole Denvers, and their new companion Shithead the wolf will have to help each other to survive. And with the help of an elderly Gypsy woman named Serendipity, who warns of a Dark Presence, someone strong in psychic abilities who will use their power for the ultimate evil – to hold the highest office in the land as the last President that the United States will ever see, they may just get out of the sewers and into the light to fight another day. This will be the start of a new world order with a madman at the helm.

But can the woman in the sewer be trusted?  Or is she leading Brooklyn, Cole, and Shithead straight into the clutches of a fate worse than death?

Find out in The Girl in the Sewer, grab your #copy now!

The previous books in the series.

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