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A Post for Authors

from Patty Fletcher of Campbell's World Tell it to the World Marketing Hello to all, I hope this message finds you all doing super well. Here at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing, where we support talented authors, as well as successful business owners in their marketing, by marrying social media, with more traditional approaches, The goal is to… Continue reading A Post for Authors

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Using Goodreads – Part 2

The original post regarding the use of Goodreads is here. One of the things I didn't know is the difference between a friend and a follower. I eventually found this explanation. What is the difference between a friend and a follower? A friend is a two-way commitment: Both people have to agree to it. If… Continue reading Using Goodreads – Part 2

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Indie Insights

with Marnie CateEpisode 6 is live! guests Richard Ankers, Karina Kantas, Karen J Mossman and Jin Okubo Yes, my first online interview. It was a bit nerve racking and I think the trick is not to watch yourself back! Even so, it's great to have the opportunity to express myself and perhaps for some of… Continue reading Indie Insights

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How to Deal with Reviews

By Karen J Mossman  As authors, we love book reviews. Without them how would we know if readers enjoy our work? People don’t like leaving reviews and I don’t know why. I am an author but first and foremost I'm a reader. I love writing reviews. Perhaps that’s just the writer in me. I’ve spent… Continue reading How to Deal with Reviews