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by Brian O’Hare

Have you ever considered having one of your books translated into another language? I never gave it a thought, or if I did, I just assumed I wasn’t famous enough, or rich enough to cover any costs. Books from both self-published authors and commercial publishers are usually only in one language due to the upfront cost of translation, they struggle to find a translator, and suffer the complexities of working with retailers in different countries.

So, that’s a ‘no’, then?

Actually, it isn’t. By pure chance, I discovered Babelcube. Babelcube is a platform that brings self-published authors and publishers together with freelance translators to create books in additional languages and sell them around the world. A writer simply contacts Babelcube, uploads a pdf copy of his/her book, together with jpeg of the cover, and sits back. Babelcube then gives the writer access to an extensive list of translators, offering details of the translator’s experience and background.  The writers then contact a number of these translators, making as impressive pitch of their books as they can, and then wait.

Eventually one … or two … or three … translators will get back to the writer and offer to translate the book. The writer makes a choice of translator … and the translation is off and running. Babelcube will the ensure that the book (eversion and paperback) will be made available from a large variety of outlets.

AND … there is no cost. It is a true partnership, as both the rights holders (author or publisher), freelance translators, and Babelcube,  are paid via a share of royalties from book sales.

Here is Babelcube’s pitch to writers:.

Sell Your Books in Other Languages!

Go ahead. It is risk free. It really is!

A Spanish reader who liked my book, The Miracle Ship, suggested that I have it translated into Spanish as she knew many people who would read it in that language. So I decided to try Babelcube and see what would happen.  Here is a photograph of two versions of The Miracle Ship that are now on my bookshelves:

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 18.32.57

And here is a link to Amazon’s Spanish version.

You might wish to give it a go.  It is all as easy as Babelcube says it would be.

Royalties?  Well, that’s a different story. I’m still waiting for the riches … and waiting.  Babelcube make no effort to sell the books.  They put them out there and wait for clients to take them up … or not.  I have no way of marketing in foreign countries, so I just have to wait until someone comes across the foreign version and decides to buy it

Still, you never know. I am now working with a very pleasant and well qualified Italian who wants to translate my mysteries series into Italian. I have only just met him, but the story here is slightly better.  He knows some publishers and has worked with them before.  Music to my ears. Fingers crossed.

40233557_10212341225945036_6829941355846828032_nThe Miracle Ship

Amazon UK
Amazon US


YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU’RE READING BUT EVERY WORD IS TRUE!! Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in demonic possession? Do you believe in exorcism? A little girl with irreparable brain damage was pronounced dead by two hospital specialists. Today she is a healthy teenager.

A teenage boy whose spine was crushed by a lorry was diagnosed as permanently paralysed. He now plays football with his friends.

A curse that brought death over five generations has been lifted. People tormented by demons have been set free. How were such miracles wrought? What do they have in common?

They have John Gillespie in common. Who is he? How has he been gifted with such extraordinary power? The Miracle Ship tells John’s story. But it does so much more than that. Yes, the book essentially focuses on miracles. Yes, it contains many extraordinary stories of healing and deliverance. Yes, it focuses strongly on the spiritual warfare that so many Christians are engaged in without any awareness of its dangers. But the book goes to the very heart of what is needed to find healing and deliverance. It tells of the obstacles and difficulties that get in the way of true healing prayer. It reveals the many pitfalls that lie in wait in seemingly innocent healing practices. It spells out in detail the serious dangers that underpin many apparently beneficial New Age therapies. And it offers many examples of the kinds of prayers and life-styles that can bring healing to the body and to the mind.

It can even turn around lives that are falling apart (and this has already been several times communicated to the author or John Gillespie by people who have already read this book on Kindle.) This is a book that should be read by all Christians. John’s message is profoundly insightful and, if it is uncompromising, it is laced with faith, forgiveness and truth.

Many who have already read the book have described it as ‘life-changing.’ This true account of his life, of the miracles and deliverances that follow his prayers, will amaze you. Millions of people love to hear and read about miracles. Sr. Briege McKenna’s book Miracles Do Happen has sold all over the world in its millions. If you read and liked Miracles Do Happen, you’ll love The Miracle Ship .

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