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I have several free features on my blog aimed to highlight your book. Or, if you can spin a good tale, check out the 100 word story

  • About a Book
  • Pen2Publish
  • 100 Word Story
  • Story time

About a Book are simply questions about your book which will, hopefully tempt readers to buy it. Have a look at the examples below.

100 Word Story is just as it says, a story that is exactly one hundred words long. You don’t have to be a author for this. If you can write a story, then I will feature it. It doesn’t matter if you have already been featured, you can submit again.

Story Time is a short story between 200 and 700 words approximately. Again you don’t need to be a published writer. It also doesn’t need to be fiction either. A true story is just as interesting.

If you would like to submit, have a look at the examples, answer the questions, and send them to me.

I would love to host you!

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