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A Review of A Scream in the Night by Andrew Hess

Karen’s Review

I read one of Andrew Hess’s earlier books a few years ago and really enjoyed it. He also featured on my About a Book series. You’ll find links to both below.

In this story, Serena is a television reporter who is sent on assignments when news breaks to report live from the scene. It’s a new premise for me and interesting to see how it worked.

I enjoyed the most realistic portrayal of a relationship between a man and wife, I’ve read in a long time. It’s not always butterflies and romance that is so often portrayed.

What I wasn’t too keen on was the suspense, which, of course other readers may thrive on. The question was, is Serena delusional? Or, is what she heard, that no one else did, real?

At times, especially during the first half of the book, it felt like Groundhog day. Getting up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner. But, by the same token, life is exactly like that.

Overall, I enjoyed it, especially when it picked up pace towards the end. Its satisfying not to be pulled out of a story by bad editing, missing words and errors.

This is book one of The Sugar and Spice Mystery Series. I followed the author on Amazon, so I can be notified when book two comes out.


One single scream. It was all reporter Serena Davidson heard as she put her daughter to bed. It was a sound no one else claimed to hear. Not even her husband, Sheriff Colton Davidson, believed her. Serena’s persistence drives her to investigate on her own. Will she be able to uncover the truth, or will one scream unhinge her entire world?

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