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Deadly Games by Andrew Hess


Karen’s Review

I found this book through on a Facebook page. It was the book description that grabbed me and I wasn’t disappointed – well not totally, but I’ll come to that.

I liked the fact that it was a novella. It is a fun read. I loved Detective James Thornton who finds himself in an Agatha Christie type murder mystery. Bodies fell all over the place, but his mind was on one thing only – sex.

He and his new girlfriend attended a murder mystery weekend. He had hoped to spend most of it in bed, except people kept dying. As he was a real detective, it couldn’t be ignored.

It was a good fun read with plenty of humour and the only thing that let it down was the ending. It felt incomplete. (At the time of writing this hadn’t known it was part of a trilogy.) I don’t like cliff hangers. It leave me a little frustrated with a feel of it being unfinished.

I do recommend it as I presume all of Andrew Hess’s books will be as enjoyable and fun as this one was.

If you are tempted, you can find the book on Amazon.


Detective James Thornton has always had a way with women. Some say he’s a player. Others call him a man whore. But he’s mostly known as the best detective the Dutchess County P.D. has. For years he swore off relationships, fearing his career would put them in danger. That all changed the moment he met Alexa. In one night, she won him over, but in one weekend his world will shatter.

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