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An Amazing Woman

by Karen J Mossman I love old photos and came across this one. It was taken in 1928 and the Rose Queen in the centre is my Auntie Molly. She was an incredible and interesting character. The daughter of a local councillor, she was born in 1914. She defied her religious family and married an… Continue reading An Amazing Woman


Mr Blobby!

This picture was taken in 1993 when I was at Granada Studio tours in Manchester. I was wearing my favourite white padded jacket. It was co-ordinated with my then fashionable track suit. Everyone has an item of clothing they love and this jacket was mine. The following year I went on a day trip to… Continue reading Mr Blobby!

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The Ode to Lancashire Cotton Corporation

Tune: The Church’s One Foundation I was searching through a box that has been kept in the loft for the last twenty years. It was full of old photos, newspaper, and postcards, etc. Amongst them I found this on a postcard. We are the Cotton Saviours,The Boys of the L.C.C. We cannot spin, we cannot… Continue reading The Ode to Lancashire Cotton Corporation


Bin Day

Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog post on Magic of Stories. I was wondering what it would be, then found myself musing one morning.The dustbin men came round the other morning about 8.30 am, and it made me remember what it used to once be like. In Anglesey, where I now live,… Continue reading Bin Day

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Reflections of Simmondly

Simmondly is a small village in Glossop, Derbyshire, and in the early 1900s John Pedder, a retired councillor for Stretford Urban Council in Manchester, had a holiday cottage there. Their granddaughter, Molly, told me the story of Simmondly before she passed away in 2014 aged 100.  'We had this great big trunk which we’d pack… Continue reading Reflections of Simmondly

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Island Tales

When I came to live on this island, we had a dog. It was fun exploring, but sadly she was old and our adventures were limited. When she died, we were never getting another one. Eight months later, we thad Tilly, another Yorkshire terrier. This time a puppy, as Jodie was a rescue dog, coming… Continue reading Island Tales


Various Subjects, an Old Book of Local History

by Charles Henry StottCharles Stott was my great, great-grandfather and he wrote a book which was passed through the family and finally ended up with me. Many of the articles it contains are fascinating because he is a social history buff and an observer of life in the late 1800s. The writing style is very… Continue reading Various Subjects, an Old Book of Local History


Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018

by Karen J Mossman Today, we lost wacky comedian Ken Dodd and I thought I would share a personal memory of him. In late seventies, early eighties, Ken Dodd came to the Police Club at Hough End in Manchester. He did his act, which had everyone in stitches. His jokes were always clean and so… Continue reading Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018

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The Sweetness of the Seventies

by Karen J Mossman In 1973, I was  a teenager and the most important things in my life were music and fashion. I lived in Withington in Manchester with my parents and siblings. A few of us, including my brother, John, would catch a bus through to Chorlton and then walk over to the Stretford… Continue reading The Sweetness of the Seventies