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Coping with Father’s Day as a Single Parent

As time has gone on, Father's Day has become easier. I lost my dad in September of 2010.  For a reason I can't explain, I don't want to put his face on Facebook as a memoriam with all the other 'remembering my dad' posts. However, I have talked about him on here, and in my… Continue reading Coping with Father’s Day as a Single Parent

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My Two Dads

I came across this on an old blog of mine, and thought it appropriate to post for Father's Day and also National Parent's Day on 26th July. Once upon a time I had two dads, one with hard brown eyes and the other with soft ones. The dad with the hard eyes was a police… Continue reading My Two Dads


My Dad

by Carole Parkes   What can I say about my lovely caring father? I have nothing but praise for him.  He died aged ninety-seven and was until the very last, the most gentle, kindest, and loving man I know, except maybe for my husband of fifty three years who comes in extremely close. I have… Continue reading My Dad


I Wish I Could Remember

by Rose English  I wish I could remember how you bounced me on your knee, and lifted me up high, to touch the sky when I was three. ~*~ I wish I could remember the sound of laughter sweet. Especially when together sparkling, shining eyes would meet. ~*~ I wish I could remember, when we… Continue reading I Wish I Could Remember


A Free Spirit

by Lucy Lang My Dad was a free spirit ~ impossible to pigeon hole. Hated the rat race and followed his star! Merchant Navy seaman at aged 19. Heavily involved in the Normandy Landings in 1944. After the war, left for India and basically kept on travelling until the age of 72!! Never settled down!… Continue reading A Free Spirit


Good Night Dad

 A Eulogy by Toni Kief  The four of us have been talking about our memories this week, and I notice that home is wrapped around Bob Kief.  Delray Street in Pekin, Illinois was the childhood everyone kid deserves.  The house was small, but there was plenty of noise and just enough room.  Neighborhood kids played… Continue reading Good Night Dad