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The Ode to Lancashire Cotton Corporation

Tune: The Church’s One Foundation

I was searching through a box that has been kept in the loft for the last twenty years. It was full of old photos, newspaper, and postcards, etc. Amongst them I found this on a postcard.

We are the Cotton Saviours,
The Boys of the L.C.C.
We cannot spin, we cannot weave,
What the bally use are we?
And yet we sell our products
As cheap as cheap can be.
You can have our yarn for a tanner
Our cloth we give you for FREE.

Some say we’re losing money,
It’s possible they’re right,
But to keep our cushy billets,
We’ll make a damn good flight.
The Press it cheers us daily
And the public swallows it neat,
So what the hell does it matter
Till they’ve seen our balance sheet?

We sell our yarn for Sixpence,
But if Cotton has a fall
We deliever it free of carriage
Or you needn’t pay at all! ! !
We all know ‘Duggie Stuart,’
His kindness is untold,
But at giving something for nothinbg,
Sir Kenneth has him cold.

The Bank of England love us,
They’ve millions to spend,
It’s really awfully spelendid
Whetever it will end.
Although we make no money
It’s good enough for me,
And God bless the L.C. C.


According to Wikipedia, The Lancashire Cotton Corporation was a company set up by the Bank of England in 1929, hence the reference in the song. The L.C.C. was headed up by Sir K. D. Stewart, which is probably the Sir Kenneth mentioned. I can’t find any reference to Dougie Stuart.

It is very likely to have belonged to my father in law’s uncle who was called Jack Pedder. He was a well traveled rep and visited many countries.

This is him taken around the 1930s which would fall in very nicely with the date of this.

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