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Ghostly Writes 2o18

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Loved the way this book started with a poem called Midnight Moon by Kyrena Lynch. It sets the mood straight away.

I haven’t finished it yet, as the one I am reading is very long, I may not get back to it for a while. So, I thought I would start my review and then update it when I finally get to finish it.

So far, I have two stand out stories. I really enjoyed both of these.

There is one great thing about anthologies, you get to read a good variety of authors with different writing styles. Another one I really enjoyed is:

I love these. Everyone produced great story teasers and I so I have to share mine, too.

One of the best things is that this book is free to download. Yes, you can just download it and pay nothinbg at all.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

In fast, all of the Ghostly Writes books are availabe for free. Just put Ghostly Writes in the Amazon search bar.

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