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My Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

Karen’s Review This is the second book of the series Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch. I read the first one two years ago. It continues the story of cousins, Jenna and Hannah and their normal every day life, except it isn’t normal. Jenna’s boyfriend is a Sasquatch called Adam. I enjoyed the two parallel worlds, and there… Continue reading My Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

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July’s Reading List

This month I have a theme. Can you see what it is? It came about because of the first two books. They had a similar name. I remembered another one in which I’d read the first of the series, but not the second. He’s With The Band, I randomly chose off Amazon because I love… Continue reading July’s Reading List

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About a Book – Amanda in France, Fire at the Cathedral by Darlene Foster

Introducing Darlene Foster WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Amazon Where did the idea for the story come from? My dream to visit the romantic city of Paris came true when we took our dog on a road trip to visit friends living on the outskirts of the city. Paris, and the surrounding area, was everything I imagined it to… Continue reading About a Book – Amanda in France, Fire at the Cathedral by Darlene Foster

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Otterly Into You by Erin Nicholas

Short and Sweet Karen’s Review I saw Otterly Into You reviewed on Julie Northup’s blog. I liked what I read, so I downloaded it. Good call. I really enjoyed this very short story. It told of the building romance between Knox and Fiona told mainly from his point of view, although later it switched briefly… Continue reading Otterly Into You by Erin Nicholas

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Infected Water by Alathia Morgan

An Exciting Adventure on the High Seas Karen’s Review It’s been a long while since I read a Zombie book, and this was in the authors newsletter. It’s the first of a series, which is always exciting. It is set in 1912 as the Titanic makes her fateful maiden voyage. There are several main characters,… Continue reading Infected Water by Alathia Morgan

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Happy Easter!

In the UK, we enjoy a long weekend with Good Friday and Easter Monday being holidays. Years ago, when we worked full time we took off in our touring caravan with our children and their Easter eggs. The weather was often very cold. These days, especially if Easter falls later, it’s warmer. Anglesey where I… Continue reading Happy Easter!

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Larougo, Book Two of The Uluru Legacy

Karen’s Magic Review This book was an amazing read. The story built up slowly giving me time to get to know the characters. Too often a book moves forward at such a pace it’s hard to remember who everyone is. Larougo had a lot of characters, but I hardly noticed until now. They blended in… Continue reading Larougo, Book Two of The Uluru Legacy

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Forever Young by Lynette Ferreira

Karen’s Magic Review There are some books that take work to get into. Others, you slide right in. This is the latter. Immediately the story is all there and it grabbed my attention on the opening page. Jacob, who is from another planet, crash lands his capsule on earth where he has been sent on… Continue reading Forever Young by Lynette Ferreira

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Before the The Glass Slipper by Michelle Deerwester Dalrymple

Karen’s Magic Review I found this at the same time I came across the Cinderella book I read and reviewed earlier. It’s not a retelling-of, which I thought at the time. I hadn’t read the title probably or the description. I only saw the glass slipper and that it was 121 pages long. What a… Continue reading Before the The Glass Slipper by Michelle Deerwester Dalrymple

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Garkin, Book One of The Uluru Legacy

Karen’s Magic Review In my feature Pictures Telling Stories, I give my interpretation of the story I've read. It starts on a plane from America to Australia with Amelia, the main character on her way to see the mother who gave her away at birth. At this point, Amelia has no idea what awaits her,… Continue reading Garkin, Book One of The Uluru Legacy